C-SUITE | Growth Strategy & Innovation Advisory

A fusion of industry, functional and analytical expertise


GrowthPath Strategy & Innovation Practice

C-SUITE consolidates market advisory research and analysis in a single convenient information service, including intelligence reports across multiple industries, company assessments, product assessments, analyst opinions and sector news.

We help clients anticipate change, adapt their portfolios and business models

  • We help clients capitalise on changing consumer trends, spot emerging opportunities and identify unmet needs

  • We help clients raise awareness of the potential of their product or service with data and insights by demonstrating thought leadership that builds industry credibility with potential customers, partners and investors.

  • We evaluate market trends, external factors and the wider operating environment, helping clients explore different future scenarios, strategy options and opportunities for innovation, and develop tactics to reduce risks and insights to inform investment decisions.

Our Growth Strategy & Innovation Advisory services, help executives and product teams leverage technology to enhance their innovation drive.

C-SUITE GrowthPath Strategy & Innovation Practice helps executives and product teams develop deep understanding of their businesses, current competencies and long-term objectives.

Industry Research & Marketplace Strategy to Support Innovative Growth

We are tracking innovation all around the world to inform your ideation process and help you build an innovation platform.

Disruptive ideas
Trend mapping and Opportunity spotting

  • Spot gaps in the market and changes in emerging lifestyle trends and customer preferences

  • Find opportunities for new products and brand extensions

New perspectives. Fresh ideas.

Latest products, concepts and retail innovations.

  • Explore future market outlook and expected developments impacting future sales; latest product developments and new service concepts

  • Evaluate industry insights to understand your competitors' product positioning

  • Overview of the regulatory environments

Innovation and R&D | Defend from Market Disruptors

Adopt Winning Future Technologies & Avoid Failure in New Product Launches.

Identify and evaluate the disruptive technologies impacting your sector, so you can prioritise your R&D activities, technology investments and capabilities you need to promptly respond to competitors' and emerging disruptors.


Derisk your Market Entry Strategy

Discover threats from external variables that affect customer choices and spot weaknesses in your approach to marketing to your prospects and current clients.

Evaluate the geopolitical risk factors that can impact the success of your investments, operations or strategies.

Make informed decisions to drive growth and mitigate risk

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace with insight on company strategies, revenue forecasts and industry risk assessments - including outsourcing opportunities, technology and regulatory change.


Accelerate Growth through M&A & Partnerships

Evaluate M&A deal activity across multiple sectors and regions

Expand your Delivery Channels

Accelerate your growth by identifying and evaluating market distributors, operators, leading technology providers, and sales channel and licensing partners.


Our data and insights on the links in the supply chain that get the product to the customer and the market and regulatory environment assessments help you prioritize and execute your strategy, your technology investments and find the right strategic partners.

Drive your business forward and capture a greater market share
with reliable information and an unbiased perspectives

Future Focus: Our research focus is forward-looking to enable business growth. We provide answers to the strategy-defining questions driving change and growth across markets and geographies, enabling clients to align key business strategies and identify and assess growth opportunities.
Our findings are mapped out with actionable recommendations and presented in a report.

  • Comprehensive data and insight on socio and macro-economics, industry dynamics, and company performance and activities

  • Objective, evidence-based analysis of the critical forces affecting your business

  • Mapping of trend developments and growth across regions, markets

  • Evaluate links and overlap in trends and quantify the impact on your markets to inform strategy

  • Identify new and emerging business models matched to future trends and business opportunities

  • Scenarios, visual impact presentations and predictive forecasting

  • Formulate strategies to prepare for potential threats

Our C-SUITE Strategy Analysis & Business Environment Assessments bring timely insights into the key issues influencing industries, countries and consumers.

Insights that cater for a wide range of strategic purposes, in evaluating emerging opportunities, and market due diligence and deliver actionable insights to make more informed and profitable decisions.


C-SUITE Case Studies | Best practice across industries and geographies, bringing innovation into focus

Drive continuous improvement and achieve a faster rate of innovation.
Our Case Studies offer evaluations of the latest innovative company strategies - from social media initiatives to unusual store formats and online retailing,