What if you could become an expert on your target markets across regions, countries and cities.

Gain perspective on product development and fine tune your go-to-market strategy.
Add context to your positioning statements and claims.
Tailor strategies to consumers’ wants and needs.

Expert content streams designed to help grow your business and enhance your brand

Easy access to sector-specific intelligence

Analyzing key business trends, providing market data and forecasts, and identifying and highlighting unmet needs and potential growth opportunities across the entire value chain.
Use our research to gain expertise in prospect client industries and prepare for future market-moving events.

Expand Relationships and gain new business

Our comprehensive Expert Research and Insights can help you secure new business, deliver messaging relevant to your current and prospective clients, and strengthen existing relationships.

See the Big Picture with forward-looking thematic analysis

Gain insights on the size of a market for a product or service, its substitutes and how companies distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Get up to speed on industry threats and opportunities with our expert-curated content

Improve Company Due Diligence & Valuations
Better understand your customers, and your customer's customer with knowledge of their industry trends, market landscape, and competitive pressures.

Accelerate Innovation | Emerging Technologies

Analysis on national and international perspectives on industry supply value chain chains, and globalization trends.
Spot & Seize Market Opportunities
Understand emerging technologies impacting industry value-chains, and best adoption practices in building your digital strategy.

Gain access to news and trusted insight from journalists and expert analysts

Our research reports offer easy access to key information on industry-specific issues - industry risks, opportunities, outlook and trends- and illustrative charts.

Trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence in a convenient and consistent format to make faster, more informed decisions

Our Business Environment Impact Briefs, will help you understand how economic, demographic and business trends impact people, businesses.

Make your prospecting more efficient with a unique point of view

Our Expert Snapshots will help your business development executives and partners quickly prepare for meetings, and support your research, presentations and proposals.

Expert Content Streams Collection

Industry Research for Professional Services | Law , Accounting and Audit Firms

Industry Research for Media, Advertising Agencies and Consultancies

Industry Research for Banking & Insurance | Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Management Firms

Consumer Research for Retail | Consumer Goods & Retail Technology

Industry Research for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Medical Devices

Industry Research for IT and Telecom Technology Media & Smart Tech

Industry Research for Automotive & Mobility

Industry Research for Energy, Power, Oil and Gas & Utilities

Industry Research for Mining Exploration

Industry Research for Construction & Manufacturing

Industry Research for Foodservice & Packaging

Industry Research for Travel & Tourism

Industry Research for Academic Institutions & Libraries

Industry Research for Government Development Agencies & Trade

Speed your research efforts to build, strengthen and retain your company's market position
  • Market research and analysis on key issues influencing industries, and the structure and performance of industries from a buyer/supplier perspective.

  • Key facts, company background, key strategic objectives and challenges and competitive positioning and prospects.

  • Market Sizes, shares and forecasts to assess market potential

  • Market Sectors & Market Shares | Competitive Analysis

  • Distribution and Market Forecasts data

Our Expert Content Streams Collection offers easy access to key information on industry-specific issues - industry risks, opportunities, outlook and trends- and illustrative charts, that will help you understand how economic, demographic and business trends, impact people, and businesses.


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