Custom Research and Analysis Services

Our market reports present high quality information and analysis.

Clients have access to published reports or request customized reports that go beyond the scope of our syndicated reports, tailored to their specific needs, to substantiate business decision-making.

Clients are frequently in need of custom research and consulting reports to support their short- and long-term planning.

We customize reports on competitive intelligence, prospect profiling and due diligence, based on the client’s criteria.

Custom research provides clients with focused and tailored research across all industries.

Our custom research helps our clients address issues associated with:

  • Client’s prospects and Trends that may impact a market

  • Entry into new markets

  • New product or service launch / development

  • Market segmentation

  • Targeted Surveys

  • Customer Insights

  • Pricing and volume estimation

  • Investor and M&A presentations

We work closely with clients to structure a report that will deliver the specific results needed to make intelligent decisions.

  • Developing new business

  • Product positioning

  • Customer need analysis and buying behaviour

  • Customer perception of self and competition

  • Measuring success

  • Enhancing brand messaging

  • Industry value chain - Profit margins and earning opportunities

  • Business portfolio management

  • Identification of merger, and acquisition targets

  • Identification of suitable channel partners/vendors

  • Optimizing processes