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APU is a knowledge-based consultancy company providing research and analysis, data, technical and business advice and strategy support services, sought by business leaders and strategists, to help them capture tomorrow’s opportunities, today.


Research is delivered in various formats, ranging from Industry report studies across geographic regions and Special Intelligence Subscriptions and Agendas and Strategic Planning Programs (SPPs) that appraise market opportunities and assess the technologies, competitive landscape, value chain drivers, challenges, case studies, emerging technologies and global trends, made available for purchase via 3 Access Programs:
- The Accelerated Performance Advantage Reports Marketplace
- The Monitor Nexus Intelligence Center
- Our flagship Monitor Nexus Intelligence Advisory Platform.

Used by a global community of executives, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors, it offers data, news and insights and features analysts with a deep knowledge and understanding on how the latest market trends and technologies affect the world around us.


Relevant Content. Responsive Impact.

We also leverage our access to a wide network of subject matter experts and leading content contributors to create custom content for clients who want to reach new audiences with relevant, high-quality content and presentations that can help them engage with commercial partners, and make a striking difference in customer engagement.

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Global Business Intelligence

Trends and forecasts for 18 global industries and over 2000 industry subsectors in up to 60 economies.

Our subscription services for data, news and analysis for key companies in each sector and forecasts, help clients understand how the world is changing and how that creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be mitigated and managed.

Extend your research capabilities

Our Industry Landscape Report Studies keeps you on the pulse of the latest industry developments and pinpoints future trends and emerging technologies, including the activities of key competitors and developments throughout the value chain.

Keeping you informed about the business environment, important legislation, company activity and demand trends.

Monitor competitor activity including new product launches and strategic moves.

Our Country Analysis provides access to country-specific socio-economic and political analysis, as well as assessments of the business and regulatory environments in different markets.
Country Forecasts also include forecasts for a range of key indicators, as well as analysis of the trends that influence economic and business outcomes.

Our Risk Analysis and Global Outlook macro-level reports, are highlighting upcoming global industry trends. They help in identifying actual and potential threats around the world and for our clients to better understand the implications for their organizations.

  • Assessing the national investment climate. Regulatory and logistical concerns when making an investment.

  • Economic and demographic outlook data and analysis on both population and labour force growth, skills and productivity outlook.

We help consumer-facing companies to enter new or adjacent markets, as well as deliver results in current markets.

Our industry and economics expertise allows us to bring sophisticated analysis to complex industry-based questions, and how these are shaping market expansion strategies and how businesses are adapting amid industry disruption, by mapping enterprise development and commercialisation in a rapidly emerging and growing new technology.

Supporting senior management with strategic initiatives, M&A due diligence, demand forecasting and other strategic planning issues.

Assisting leaders seeking to better understand the economic and business environments of global markets, through a blend of C-Suite Monitor briefings, and industry-focused analysis based on the latest data and in-depth analysis of industry trends.


A value transformation, outcome-focused approach

Our Strategy Support Services go beyond increasing the ability to spot promising business models, new revenue streams, and untapped market potential, by reinforcing game-changing business capabilities in achieving and maintaining a dominant market position, through our offerings of value transformation tools and accelerators, that by extending business workflows, are helping businesses expedite processes, reduce risk, increase efficiency, boost productivity, while saving time and money.

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