Customer Experience Transformation & Brand Experience Design

Customer Strategy

A customer strategy is the plan that helps us better understand, anticipate and respond to customers’ needs, behaviours and values.

  • Putting in place a customer strategy and formulating a Customer Promise

  • Understanding gaps and identifying product and service concepts, marketing and engagement strategies.

Build a customer-focused brand strategy by putting the right offers in front of customers at the right price and time in the most responsive channels.

Discover what customers truly value about brands, products and services with actionable insights across industries, geographies and stages in the brand's life cycle.

Operational Environment

What changes need to be made to make our operations customer-centric?

  • Are there supporting internal processes and policies?

  • Are processes considered to be streamlined?

  • Are staff clear of their roles within the business?

  • Is management providing the right level of direction and feedback for team members?


Consumer Purchase Journey | Touchpoints in consumer experience

Identify the path and attributes across the consumers’ journey with brands and experiences – triggers, decision points, including emotions that they go through to make purchase decisions.


Brand positioning & Marketing communications

  • Set your offering apart with market intelligence.

  • Understand the trigger and decision points.

  • Deliver your value proposition to target customer segments and capture the market share.

  • Improve brand positioning, claims and messaging that match the needs and lifestyles of your target audience.

  • Fine-tune your value proposition and marketing mix to customers’ needs.

Voice of Customer | Understanding the Customer Perspective

  • The needs and wants of the customer

  • What is the desired customer experience?

  • Communication in a manner that customers understand

Customer Promise

A customer promise connects the purpose of the organization to its market positioning, and is a strong competitive differentiator.

Key Considerations:

Drivers of Preference

Focus on factors that drive consumer behaviour such as, drivers of choice and purchase intent. Understand customers' experiences, loyalty, advocacy and satisfaction.

Digital Customer Experience Transformation

Businesses now have to meet their changing digital customer needs and organize themselves to deliver it.

Grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly by embracing digitalization.
  • Recognize the new values that drive consumers’ buying decisions

  • Invest in a captivating consumer experience and customer service, by understanding your consumers’ evolving needs and design a captivating engagement strategy around them.

  • Build out ways to strengthen direct consumer relationships

Enhance your customer experience and marketing capabilities by harnessing the power of digital to deliver a great experience.

Integrate physical and digital worlds to deliver customer experiences that lead to profitable growth.

The impact of changing consumer habits and digital innovation

Shifts in consumer buying behaviour have diminished the impact of brand perception on some organizations’ bottom line.

From 2015 to 2018, branded products saw 0 percent dollar growth compared to over 4 percent for private label goods.

In an oversaturated market with dozens of “microbrands” emerging across sectors, organizations need to discover new opportunities for investment and innovation.

As customers expect a company to be accessible at any time, and shop on their preferred channel, companies which offer their customers such a personalized customer experience gain a competitive advantage.

In order for this to happen, everything must be oriented to the customer – business processes, organization, and IT systems in order to optimally align each touchpoint to the needs of the customer, and link all established and future-oriented interaction opportunities along the omnichannel customer journey, thus creating an excellent customer experience for gaining their long-term trust in a brand.

Walmart, for example, plans to enhance their brick-and-mortar footprint by transforming underused store space into “town centers” with food, retail and amusement tenants.

Healthcare organizations from Kaiser Permanente to BayCare are integrating digital solutions across their organizations to deliver care when and where consumers prefer.

Brand Engagement

Delight customers

Use customer data to improve your messaging, and build your brand with an omnichannel strategy that spans the physical and digital.

Adopt a customer-centric approach to designing innovations.

  • UX/UI design and customer journey mapping

  • Marketing technology adoption, voice of the customer, and product/market fit

Deliver a seamless customer experience across channels

Realign your business and technology priorities to respond to the changing market environment- consumer attitudes and disruptive technologies such as mobile, cloud computing and big data analytics- improve outcomes and business performance.

Brand Experience Design
Journey Maps | Exploring & Understanding Touchpoints
  • Describing the intended desired customer experience;

  • Understanding customer experience gaps against the overall expectations our customer and orchestrate the desired outcome we want for them.

Brand Experience RoadMap

The Brand Experience Roadmap is aligned to journey maps, business and customer strategy across the following dimensions:

Customer Experience (CX)

Our CX research helps organizations optimize their evolving CX issues.

Connecting Finances with Experience
  • Revenue;

  • Profit;

  • Overhead Expenses;

  • Labour Costs.

Brand Engagement Research | UX Innovation Lab

UX opportunities to improve the user experience in the evolving connected device universe.

Identify Emerging Behaviours & provide better solutions for consumers to adopt in the future.

How are new needs and emerging behaviours in the connected mobile consumer, connected home and connected car, and what new opportunities does this evolution present?

Anticipate Customer Needs & identify the challenges and pain-points of current user experiences, and prioritise which new technologies and trends should be implemented when designing new products and solutions.

Customer interactions analytics

Our Customer Interactions Analytics helps you better understand what your customers expect from you and how you can increase their satisfaction.

Enables you to optimise your interactions management to deliver the best possible customer experience – segmenting your customers and personalising your relationship with them.

Consumer preference and behaviour Surveys inform strategy and communication efforts by providing deeper profiling information on needs, perceptions, and retailing behaviour, lifestyle, social networks.

Track Consumer Sentiment
Thomson Reuters IPSOS Consumer Sentiment
... The Thomson Reuters / IPSOS Consumer Sentiment Survey that tracks sentiment across 22 countries, 17 demographic categories, and 12 questions on a monthly basis. is one of the best population-wide attitudes research.
Explore new ways to work using better insights and responsive operations

Our research reports reflect best practices as well as infrastructure and technology solutions. Our research reports can assist companies with strategic planning to implement evolving technologies. Access to reports and our analysts is available as part of our Accelerated Advantage Reports Marketplace and Monitor Nexus annual subscriptions.