Uncover the global 'Big Picture'


Get ahead and prepare for the future

Make informed decisions on market entry strategies, investments and growth.

Gain insights into emerging trends and analyse consumer dynamics and how trends are impacting your business.

Deliver Profitable Growth

Identify growth markets to expand your company strategy and presence.

Identify market potential, consumer segmentation and changing industry dynamics and procurement to reduce risk for your business.


Be forward-thinking and forward-moving with your portfolio and brand strategy

Get access to market intelligence, insights and innovative thinking across sectors, market segments and specific channels.
  • Evaluate the market and do competitor analysis to formulate a complete marketing strategy

  • Identify growth markets in which to target your products & services

  • Understand changing industry dynamics before setting your marketing objectives

  • Understand the needs of your B2B customers and adapt your marketing strategies

Our consultants assist in designing a strategic model around the growth objective, taking into account business dynamics and industry best practices to qualify a route-to-market analysis, and potential competencies to be leveraged and developed.

Our advice draws on the resources of our research and analysis capabilities, our syndicated research reports across diversified industries, and the most recent market trends.


You can rely on our global outlook to expand your creative horizons and gain a new perspective and improve your competitive positioning.


Build a Foundation for Growth

Pinpoint growth territories | Channel growth insights

Learn how we help and support organizations with their market research needs.


Refine your marketplace strategy

Introducing an existing product in a new market, or a new product in an existing market?
Evaluate an emerging trend, new product, or competitor initiative
  • Insights on new products, concepts, changing consumer behaviour, marketing messages and touchpoints

  • Case studies, Infographics, successes, failures and lessons learned to understand growth patterns and key growth drivers impacting your business

  • Visualizations to support sharing, analysis and interpretation of datasets

Our Market Research and Sector Analysis provides a framework for aligning your Go-To-Market planning, strategy development and market performance.
  • Value and volume sizes for markets, brands and channels;

  • Market attractiveness analysis and segmentation analysis to confirm the size and strength of your target segments, so that your cross-functional teams are targeting and marketing at the same target segments delivering better business outcomes.


In a typical Market Entry Strategy consulting assignment, some of the key challenges we address are:

  • Market Sizing, Segmentation and Forecasts

  • Price Sensitivity, CAPEX & OPEX Analysis

  • Product life cycle

  • Current market position and presence of key participants

  • Pricing strategy

  • Voice of Customer - Wants, Needs, Preferences and Behaviour

  • Customer buying behaviour and decision-making process

  • Political, Social, Economic, Legal & Regulatory Due Diligence

  • Established and Emerging and Competition

  • Channel Partner & Route To Market Analysis

The global economy is changing. Emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe have their populations growing at double digit, creating new middle class consumers and presenting business growth opportunities.

Though it could be risky to enter the markets without being fully aware of the opportunities and risks.

In a typical Emerging Markets consulting engagement, we cover:

  • Political, Social, Economic, Legal & Regulatory Scan

  • Risk Analysis, Taxation & Government Policies

  • Ease of doing business

  • Market Sizing, Segmentation and Forecasts

  • Voice of Customer – Local Wants, Needs, Preferences and Behaviour

  • Foreign and Local Competition

  • Opportunity Analysis

In a typical Go To Market Strategy consulting engagement, some of the key challenges we address are:

  • Market Sizing, Segmentation and Forecasts

  • Voice of Customer - Wants, Needs, Preferences and Behaviour

  • Customer buying behaviour and decision-making process

  • Cost analysis and profitability across the industry value chain

  • Emerging and Established Competition

  • Product & Services Mapping

  • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Analysis

  • Identifying White Space and Opportunity Analysis

  • Political, Social, Economic, Legal & Regulatory Scan

  • Risk evaluation and barriers to entry

Global market reports, national and regional analysis offer the coverage you need to inform your market entry strategy decisions.

Future growth opportunities | Market expansion

Our insights will support you in appraising the market potential and forecasting future market growth rates, and arrow target markets and potential products/technologies.

Leverage existing expertise and assets to diversify into new areas

Our insights will support you in identifying growth areas matching your expertise, in evaluating market opportunity, and developing your commercialisation strategy.

Sales cycle and dynamics

We support clients in identifying the best potential for their product - Portfolio mix, brand value propositions, pricing and promotional strategies for each channel- and shaping strategies for expansion into new markets.

Scenario analysis, Forecast models & Segmentation Analysis

  • Forecast models and scenario analysis tools that stress-test options and inform recommendations on brand strategy and on how to best to drive growth and improve customer retention

  • Segmentation Analysis in helping your organization maximise the value of each customer segment’s preferences, motivations and desires

  • Opportunities. Threats. Costs.

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Changing times. Adaptive markets.

Technology market trending

Our insights will support you in identifying and assessing the impact of the latest technology trends, and evaluate their likely impact on your business.

  • Identify the latest emerging technologies, research trends and frontiers in R&D centres and institutes across the world

  • Map players based on their strength and state of R&D progress

  • Inform your technology adoption roadmaps and timelines

Intelligence Gathering on:

  • Key Players and Trends

  • Analysis, Road Mapping and Presentation

Our insights will support you in managing prototyping development and delivery.

Intelligence gathering and business analysis on generating product ideas, identifying the best technology options, suppliers, manufacturers and integrators.
Our research reports will help you with what you need to know to be successful when developing and launching new products - forecasting sales for new products, identify critical success factors relating to consumer awareness and repurchase intent, optimize launch plan, and develop strategies to drive sales.

Our studies will support you in validating your competitive advantage and in finding the best way to develop and position your product portfolio to meet existing and emerging market needs.

Improve your 4 P’s by understanding performance across different demographic and economic groups.
  • Identify market gaps that your technology or product can address

  • Identify key players developing and/or commercialising different solutions

  • Differentiate your unique selling points and Value Propositions

  • Evaluate risk from emerging competing suppliers and technologies

  • Narrow the strategic focus of your enterprise

Explore how competitors operate and differentiate themselves

We offer research and consulting services focused on preserving market position and enhancing competitive leverage.

Our CI research provides analysis on both leading players and emerging entrants and help clients prioritize business strategies.

Competitive landscape analysis & Industry best practices
  • What is the degree of fragmentation and concentration?

  • How well are we positioned compared to our competitors?

  • Who is moving into our space?

Track competitor activities, identify weaknesses in competitor positions and anticipate their strategies to develop your counter-strategies.
  • Competitor profiling including financial performance, products/services offered, distribution channels and strategic initiatives

  • How well are we positioned compared to our competitors?

  • Who is moving into our space?

Our insights will support you in making your investment and acquisition decisions.

Perform due diligence before making an investment or partnership commitment:

  • Selection Criteria & Players Profiling

  • Due Diligence & Recommendation

Identify, select and evaluate acquisition targets that complement your business

Identification of merger, acquisition targets that match company priorities and growth strategy

  • Target profile specification, attractiveness model, scalability potential

  • Scenario forecasts to measure the potential impact market change could have on deal value

Research into the distribution channels and vendor management space

We help clients in leveraging efficiencies in their distribution models and procurement strategy.

We provide insights in identifying suitable channel partners/vendors, partner management, and sales force enablement.

Leverage our insights to enhance awareness on:

  • Key participants in the industry value chain and distribution network

  • On how underlying characteristics of sales and distribution channels are changing

Channel analysis and strategy

Identify product enhancements to improve customer experience

We help clients adapt strategy to changing patterns of distribution through customer segmentation analysis, evaluation of sales flows, consumer and retailer perceptions, channel performance metrics across B2B and B2C channels and other operational metrics.

Supply Chain Dynamics | Optimize critical stages across your supply chain

  • Develop successful multi-channel distribution strategies

  • Access maps and analysis across supply chains from supplier to end customer and improve channel performance

Best-fit partnership potential synergies

  • Map the supply chain to develop partnerships and winning strategies with best-in-class channel partners

  • Equip your business development team with key metrics for negotiations