Market Expansion & Revenue Growth


Align your priorities and chart a path to reach your full potential.
Navigate shifts in the marketplace and anticipate changing tastes and needs.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Our research and problem solving capabilities can help identify high growth opportunities and what it takes to capture those in an accelerated way:

  • Entering new markets

  • Expansion or growth in existing markets

Hone your go-to-market strategy
with insights on your customers' needs and behaviours

  • How does the newly developed product fits into your company’s portfolio?

  • How should the decision process for selecting the most promising ideas be organized?

  • Has demand for the envisioned product been backed up with sufficient market research to justify the investment?

Determine which markets and segments to pursue and how to allocate your resources, and which differentiated capabilities and assets will be key to your success.

We help clients execute their growth strategies and streamline their market planning and product pipeline:
  • Perform market research and segmentation based on profit potential;

  • Set up a decision workflow to speed up product development.


Explore the best options for accelerating growth

  • Pinpoint and prioritize the capability gaps your company needs to address in order to reach full potential.

  • Profit potential varies across a company's customer base, and different customers can have different needs and attitudes.

  • Companies are finding that timely response to shifting customer needs and building dynamic pricing capabilities are essential for growing revenue.

  • Chart your growth objectives, by identifying your most profitable products and customers, and improving pricing.

  • Capture quick wins across geographies, products or solutions, and priority customer segments.

Discover insights from companies whose sales, channel and business models match yours
Identify and prioritize the gaps you need to fill to boost revenue and gain market share

Corporate Finance | Mergers & Acquisitions

Although mergers and acquisitions are a route of choice for companies in search of complementing their product portfolios and boosting growth, however according to research, more than half of the mergers initiated in the last fifteen years failed to yield the intended benefits, mostly due to neglect of post-merger integration.

Our insights support your growth and diversification efforts with strategic decisions making and resource allocation (both financial and people) in achieving the best financial and strategic outcomes.

Create synergies, economies of scale, increased market share, and gain access to new markets and leverage greater bargaining power over suppliers.
  • Link corporate strategy and financial strategy, resource allocation and performance management to improve your operating effectiveness and efficiency and gain a holistic perspective of value creation.

  • Develop a winning approach by linking acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration.