Comparative Profiling & Competitive Intelligence

Our Strategy Support Research Partnership enables you to formulate an effective strategy to outperform your competitors, and develop a robust business model for your brand’s growth and promotion.

Competitor profiles and market shares

The fast evolving market dynamism has made it even more imperative to keep in touch with your competitors’ business model, strategies and position in the market landscape.

We provide a picture of the competitive landscape, including functional capabilities, technology adoption and recent developments.

Competitor profiles and market shares covering product benchmarking, deals and investments and customer insights.

Facts, history, corporate structure, key people, clients, products and services, intellectual property, patents, capital equipment and value chain assessment- partners, suppliers, operations, shared services, sales and marketing, and distribution.

We provide comparative analysis of client company and competitors status and strengths, which includes tracking and analyzing the impact of their activities, along the following dimensions:


Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking


Insights help clients reduce their risk of losing market share or enhance their position over the competition.

Provide profiling of key players and competitive trends.

This includes new product launches, expansions, joint ventures, and merger & acquisitions.

Study scope:

  • Market share analysis and end-user analysis

  • Assessing of number of employees, geographic reach

  • Assessing product portfolios, business models, unique selling points, price differentiation, and SWOT of competitors

  • Historic and forecast market revenue assessment, business revenue mix

Benchmarking Studies

  • Competitor benchmarking against metrics on various parameters and industry standards

  • Product and channel benchmarking to understand the client’s present situation across the value chain

  • Key parameters influencing the market and trends are studied to identify future opportunities