Optimization and Enhancement Services


Upgrade applications that run more efficiently, provide better user experience and business value.
Application modernization adds value to the business by keeping pace with technology in increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Align IT systems to changing business needs;

  • Reduce IT support and maintenance cost;

  • Enhance customer experience.

Application modernization options include Upgrading architecture, platform migration, Data Migration, Cloud hosting and Application Integration.

Security Assessment

Evaluating security risks is far more complex today and calls to be up to date with the necessary knowledge to continue running in a stable and productive manner.
Security Assessment: Analysis and consultation for security risks in terms of reliability, confidentiality, compliance, and security,
Advice for role assignment, risk analysis and audit documentation

Aligning IT solutions with business strategy

Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS) and Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) provide access to business analysts and project professionals, resources on Demand, Virtual Project Management Office, Process and Methodology, and Tool Sets.

Virtual Project Management Office (PMO)

The Virtual PMO is a flexible coordination and support consultancy, for establishing and evolving your Project Management capabilities –for one project, multiple projects or a program of projects - on a cost effective basis

Process Optimization Consulting

Ensure that all processes are streamlined

The procedures put in place when starting a business quickly become obsolete due to the rapidly changing market trends. As such, it is paramount that these processes are streamlined to maintain relevance in the market.
Process optimization consulting is also significant as far as saving resources.

Workflows | Business Process Management (BPM)

Optimize processes to ensure that they are complete as efficiently as possible.
  • Process modelling - model, deploy and update critical business processes;

  • Access all information, tasks, and documents to quickly and efficiently complete key business processes;

  • Task and workflow creation improves productivity and includes review-and-approval workflows;

  • Data integration makes it simple to access corporate information and update key business data as part of any process.

  • Control over the ecosystem of service providers;

  • Reduced IT costs;

  • Shorten Time to Value;

  • Increased Flexibility;

  • Reduced Risk.

Automate workflows using workflow products including MuleSoft, Pentaho, Alteryx, xtLytics, and MS Flow.