NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE Market Intelligence Content Types

Our Special Intelligence Subscriptions and Strategic Planning Programs (SPPs) Research Agendas are focused on market trends and provides business and technology leaders with insights to accelerate growth, operate more efficiently and maximize enterprise value.

Explore by industry, country and access actionable insights, including special intelligence and strategic planning reports in markets of your choice.

Interact with our research, create your own curated library, and compile and export content material.


Insights, advice, research, data and tools that industry decision makers and leaders need to achieve their critical priorities, implement transformational digital value chain initiatives that help them meet their business goals, and build the NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE.


A collection of global, regional and country-specific market landscapes, providing actionable insights on the most important trends in a particular coverage area, highlighting key statistics, trends and players in the market, to keep one step ahead of competition in identifying future growth opportunities.


It encompasses the Accelerated Performance Advantage Reports Marketplace resources, plus key information and data on industries, economies, countries, companies and consumers, that provide the context and analysis you need to make more informed decisions for your company.


It encompasses the Monitor Nexus Intelligence Center resources, plus multi-disciplinary research, analytics & advisory on key business issues through a series of Special Intelligence and Strategic Planning Programs (SPPs) Research Agendas.