Megatrends that Shape the Future

Prepare for Future Market-Moving Events

What if you could see the big picture with forward-looking thematic analysis?

Identify growth industries and emerging technologies impacting industry value-chains.
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Megatrends are macroeconomic and geostrategic forces that are shaping the world and the transformation many organizations are undertaking.

They change consumer behaviour and cause disruptions to markets, opening up opportunities and threats.

Understanding megatrends and their implications in transforming societies, markets and cultures, can help better shape corporate strategy, market innovation, product development and more efficient resource planning in creating new businesses and partnerships.

Megatrends are macroeconomic and geostrategic forces that are shaping the world. They change consumer behaviour and cause disruptions to markets, opening up opportunities and threats.

  • Identify the most influential Megatrends affecting your business and inform strategy.

  • Innovate and identify unmet needs related to megatrends.

  • Adapt your business portfolio and business models to respond to future trends.


The Emerging Game Changers

Emerging economic and technology hubs will be the future centres of innovation, R&D, offering innovative and customized set of infrastructure and technology solutions, flexible electronics, lasers, smart materials, attracting investment and government support.

The shift of economic growth from Europe and United States to developing regions of India and China, and to the developing economies of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Nigeria, Vietnam.

As the world becomes more urbanised and prosperous, demand for energy, food and water will rise.
But the Earth has a finite amount of natural resources to satisfy this demand.

Shifting fuel balance will see renewable and nuclear energy increasing to 36% of the total power generation in 2021, alongside the development of Zero emission technologies, such as Wind power, Travelling Wave Reactor (TWR), Solar PV, and Next Generation Biofuels.

Generation Y, (15 – 35 years ) making up 36% of global population in 2021 with a high level of purchasing power, will be the most adaptive to new technologies shaping the future of personal lives, mobility and business.

Intelligent machines and robots will soon manufacture and fabricate products on demand, without any human intervention.

50 billion devices will be connected by broadband in 2021, with innovative applications across all industry sectors, enabled by advancement in Artificial Intelligence and broadband technologies, cellular networks, satellite networks, RFID, Wi-FI and WiMax.

Future Consumer Electronics, such as Wearables, 3D HDTV, Video Calling, e-Paper, Mind Control Video Gaming, will change the way people interact, think, and work.

Emerging navigation and communication technologies will drive new innovations in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

Collaborative web mapping techniques, such as geocoding and geotagging, will result in innovative ways of digital marketing and of socializing, furthering the evolution of interaction of individuals and organizations.

With women gaining prominence products and services will be increasingly targeted to women.

By 2030 the world’s population is projected to rise by more than 1 billion.
With more than 1 billion of emerging middle class consumers from India and China companies will align their products with the preferences, income and lifestyle of this middle income group.

The future outsourcing vendors will be chosen by specialization in niche areas like business analytics and software application development. Most of these emerging outsourcing hubs will be located in Eastern and Central Asia and in Latin America.

Dynamic Megatrends Editions

These are reports on key market trends as they emerge in a particular coverage area, and the big picture of where the industry is headed.

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