Transform your marketing & sales function

Acquire a better understanding of customer needs

Understand your customers’ needs and behaviours by developing segmentation and analytics capabilities that enhance your go-to-market strategy.

Identify quick, targeted operational improvements for delivering positive interactions.

Campaign Management

From gearing the offering to the target group, to evaluating responses to facilitate precise advertising and messaging in a way that customers think and feel.

  • What is our target group?

  • How should the target group be addressed and which communications channel is best?

  • What follow-up activities are required and when should these be launched?

  • How do we gain insight into cross- selling and up-selling opportunities?

  • How will success be measured?

Support with Campaign Design and Execution

  • Optimization of campaign processes;

  • Vendor screening, selection, installation and roll-out of campaign management software;

  • Automation of data loading and analysis, scoring and business intelligence reporting.

Social media analytics (SMA)

What trends and opportunities are emerging?
With social media analytics, companies can capture this valuable information and use it for operational and strategic purposes.

  • What are they saying about us?

  • Who is expressing opinions about our brands and offerings?

  • How are they responding to our advertising?

These findings can aid decision-making when it comes to carving up the advertising budget and ensuring each marketing outreach initiative is effectively tailored to each channel.

Connect the dots between traditional & digital marketing
Marketing Efficiency: In-depth marketing analysis on customers and prospects, and on their preferences and purchasing behaviour, helps ensure available resources are wisely spent.
To convert consumers to brand ambassadors, all touchpoints must be aligned with customer expectations.
Analysis of loyalty and target groups: cluster analysis and customer value and potential analyses to identify attractive target groups.
Fine-tune your portfolio of marketing initiatives with Next Generation Customer Insights

Leverage Big Data to better understand consumer behaviour and how it impacts loyalty, promotions, discounting, pricing, e-couponing and other engagement strategies.


Customer-centric data insights can help in delivering the right messages that deepen customer relationships.

Enterra’s System of Insight and Actions solutions offer data integration, rules-based thinking and learning, advanced analytics and insights, by capturing market signals and applies business logic, business rules and predictive analytics.
  • High Value Target Analysis: promotions to individuals and households based on their preferences;

  • Product Analytics and better insights into consumer behaviour;

  • Market Mix Optimization: advertising and promotional mixes to maximize ROI;

  • Optimize Productive Inventory and better align product assortment.

Take the right actions to improve pricing outcomes | Pricing and Promotion Strategy Insights
  • Focus on the pricing priorities that demand the most focus;

  • Transform pricing into a competitive strength;

  • Put into perspective your current approach to pricing and determine how to capture more value.


Sales strategy

  • Market environment assessment;

  • Market share and SWOT analysis of sales channels;

  • Penetration and development of sales channels;

  • Sales force enablement.

Increase profitability and sustainable growth by integrating salesforce effectiveness, pricing and product management.


Sales resources and Market Opportunities

  • Identify the gaps you need to address between sales resources and market opportunities, in aligning your sales team with your market opportunity, along with the necessary capabilities, tools and processes.

  • Develop analytical insights on what separates your best sales reps from the rest.

  • Use data and advanced analytics to identify the behaviours that produce superior sales performance at your company.

  • Tailor a plan for inspiring and coaching your reps to adopt the best sales performance practices.

Create compensation plans that motivate your salesforce to hit sales goals
Variable pay programmes - commission, bonuses and other variable parts of remuneration- have proved successful in boosting sales.

Our research can help your businesses develop, validate, deploy, evolve and optimize sales compensation models.