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A culture that inspires and fosters performance makes companies ... times more likely to be top performers.

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Our insights in organization, operating models and talent systems can help you build and sustain a winning culture.
Our research helps organizations optimize HR operations by delivering high-value insights across payroll, benefits administration, learning and development, recruiting, workforce planning, performance management, and more.

Aspects considered include: leadership alignment, physical space, visual inspiration, personality dynamics, behavioural expectations and organizational engagement.


Accelerate your Leaders for Maximum Business Impact

  • Get access to the right intelligence to activate your leadership capability and accelerate leadership development.

  • Our reports provide the flexibility you need to meet your organization's challenges.

  • Connect your organization’s strategic imperatives to your talent initiatives.

  • Understand the future mismatches between talent and strategy.

  • Ensure the entire organization is aligned to successfully deliver on the company's objectives by developing cross-functional teams that use a structured, fact-based approach to deliver results.


Enabling leadership at all levels drives innovation and enables your organization to proactively identify and resolve issues that can impact your strategic objectives.

L’Oréal has empowered 1,000 executives to develop digital road maps, creating a more innovative and agile culture.

With the increasing adoption of smartphones and customer-friendly apps, customers expect omnichannel experiences, personalized services and real-time interactions from their financial institutions. Lloyds Bank Group has committed to delivering an additional 4.4 million hours of learning for employees to help them with agile project management and artificial intelligence.

... The Human Side of Transformation

What organizations can do to leverage their most critical and important asset, their people?

  • Unleash your team’s productive power to ensure that it helps deliver on your overall business strategy to outpace competitors;

  • Fuse the talents of your marketing and creative team members to drive innovations that fuel your strategy;

  • Instil a shared sense of purpose, motivating your team to deliver better performance and engagement and even more results.

Watch strategy and innovation experts, and leaders at the Brightline Initiative’s Strategy@Work conference in NY City.

  • Richard Straub, Founder, and President, Global Peter Drucker Forum

  • Susan Steele, Executive Partner IBM Global Talent and Engagement Centre of Excellence

  • Claudio Garcia, EVP Strategy and Development. Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist, Executive Director, Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture

  • Vishal Lall, Chief Strategy Office, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Richard Straub: “We are thinking the wrong way about the human side of transformation. We are taking an engineering perspective, not looking at the problem through a human lens. We are looking through a purely economic or technocratic lens.”

Susan Steele: “We need to personalize the transformation for each individual. There is a failure to embrace analytics, to personalize the transformation for them.”

Rahaf Harfoush: “The Human Side of transformation is a universal issue for organizations.

Vishal Lall: “No transformation can be successful without looking at the human side. in most transformations, the human side is an after-thought, the biggest blind spot is that leaders do not think of the human side of transformation.

Claudio Garcia: “Before we start the transformation project, we should look at the human dynamics. Transformation is a human journey.”

Maximize your leadership development investment

Leadership Alignment & Effectiveness

Leadership requires both Delivery skills and Shared purpose inspiration

  • Inspire and align your leadership team;

  • Instil a shared purpose and meaning among your leaders and across the organization to improve employee engagement.


  • Makes good decisions

  • Sets processes and allocates resources

  • Organizes teams effectively

  • Executes and delivers winning results



  • Instils shared purpose and meaning across the organization

  • Motivates and energizes others by investing in others’ growth

  • Fosters engagement and commitment

  • Act as Role models


Creating Excel Mindsets | Encourage new thinking & open up new rewarding possibilities

  • Maximize your talent strategy and build the kind of culture that inspires optimum performance.

  • Make and execute decisions faster than your competitor, by enhancing your decision effectiveness.

  • Take advantage of our innovative insights that bind cohesive teams, support dynamic decision making linked to the sources of business value and deliver faster results.

  • Narrow the gap between thinking and doing with shifting mindsets insights that connect diverse opinions and creates momentum to deliver better outcomes.

Embed new ways of working in your organization.

Leverage the collective talents and insights of your team.

Generate higher productivity, speed up time to market and raise team motivation.