Grow Revenue

Grow revenue through better customer targeting and understanding of your customer groups with actionable customer research and data.

We deliver insights to help you better understand current consumer attitudes, preferences and evolving trends that bring to light marketing and product development opportunities for maximising revenue channels.

  • Product and service benchmarking

  • Consumer surveys

  • Concept testing

  • Price benchmarking

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Distribution channel analysis

  • Website Content

  • Whitepapers

  • Marketing Presentations/Packs

  • Product Brochures

  • Blogs

  • Social Media Posts

Analytics help brands understand many of the purchase behaviours, cycles and other key drivers that impact customer retention.

Purchase metrics, and researching customer loss trigger, can help you focus on high-value customers who require less effort and yield higher margins.


Customer Insights

Our team undertake in-depth research to analyze the target market for your product, identify trends and predict consumer behaviour.

Qualitative Tactics | Attitudinal and behavioural patterns

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Customer Interviews

  • Online Bulletin Boards

  • Online Focus Groups

  • In-Person Focus Groups

  • Key Opinion Leader Interviews

Quantitative Tactics:

  • Usage & Attitude Surveys

  • Online Surveys

  • Website Intercept Surveys

  • Google Analytics

  • Benchmarking & Longitudinal Research

Attractive, functional, and usable product design

Usability and performance are the key product’s features that ensure a positive user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Channel Assessment Areas:

  • Industry Research

  • Competitive Insights

  • B2C Communication | Ecommerce

  • B2B Communication | Service Providers, Distributors, Retailers

We provide actionable insights on distribution channels, channel partners and distributors.

Portfolio Optimization


Optimize product portfolios by identifying market dynamics, current and emerging high-growth opportunities.

Study scope:
Partner product/service portfolio mapping, market financials, marketing outreach, geographic revenue mix, business revenue mix, pricing, and SWOT analysis of potential partners to leverage strategic and operational synergies

  • Assess performance (Value–volume analysis) of the company, by product against competition;

  • Market segmentation to identify new high growth segments;

  • Gap analysis - current & future market scenario;

  • Product lifecycle management.