In a world of constant change, it is learning that makes the winners.

Monitor Nexus Intelligence is powered by world-class technology to provide a superior user experience that’s simple, intuitive and efficient.

Monitor IntelFlow RADAR, unites our report insights, and business intelligence to make better business decisions, faster.

Combines news, publications, datasets and research sources to create profiles, reveal trends and opportunities worldwide.

Rapidly evolving technologies are opening up entirely new business opportunities for a wide array of industries. Monitor Intelflow Radar aims to shed light on the progress of key innovation developments and provide an aggregation of the best web resources and external analysts’ reports on most relevant trends relevant for your business, in optimizing your operations and working better, stronger, and faster than ever before to safely grow your business and win new customer segments.

News. Insights. Data. Analytics.

Stay up-to-date with emerging trends

Premium Content and Tools to Identify Insights that inform Decisions

Delivering trusted news and analysis, by combining content with licensed publications, datasets and research sources to reveal trends and relationships between industries, companies, people, deals, risks and opportunities worldwide.

Make informed business decisions, faster

Providing access to high-quality insight and analysis, for building a competitive edge through fresh perspectives.

... Give Employees the Power of Knowledge

Providing articles from a wide range of top journals and magazines.

It offers business information, including business magazines, journals and trade publications from top publishers, plus news content with ongoing updates.


News and information affecting key customers and prospects

Influential websites and blogs complement our report publications.

Identify selling opportunities and risk factors, to make critical business decisions, and enhance sales intelligence and drive revenue growth.


Identify deal targets & Growth opportunities

  • Gather information on sectors and competitive intelligence

  • Keep informed about key events, management changes, acquisitions and more.


A dedicated team of industry experts curate content from around the world, and features ready-made, high-quality searches on key issues affecting your industry that you can read in minutes.

  • Save time by avoiding the noise of the internet.

  • Get news and events impacting your company and industry.


Express Delivery of Insights for a Connected Workforce

Distribute relevant content throughout your organization with newsletters, posts on corporate intranet sites

Drive team discussions and easily distribute key content with ClipIndex, and customizable content feeds and alerting tools

Improve your business skills

Take your career to the next level by learning about leadership, marketing, sales and more.

Educate and engage your audience outside of your organization

Enhanced features make it easy to share content with colleagues across the organization, your corporate intranet site and website, and outside partners.

Share relevant news, information and custom content along with charts

Compile and distribute the latest news and market trends, across your organization and clients with our ClipIndex report compiler and other custom tools. Or leverage our expert curation services.


Stay ahead of changing trends

Worldwide News Coverage: Daily-updated global news, exclusive features and analyses of the issues that impact your business.

News and data reporting across print, digital, social and video platforms, plus expert commentary and insight.


News and insights

We provide daily-updated global news, exclusive features and analyses of the issues that impact your business.

Personalize and filter highly specific news you want to spot new opportunities.


Global news database
News by Country & by Industry

Powered by EIN Newsdesk, - a leading source of industry, business, and political news- you can track news across more than 7,000 sources, by country or industry or search via the real-time news index.
Decision makers worldwide use the EIN Newsdesk and GlobeNewswire, one of the world's largest newswire distribution networks.