From Research Insights and Functional Expertise to Performance Optimization


Agile DNA Accelerator Roadmap

Enable decision making, create value and achieve sustained growth

Use our data and insights to make better choices and build on your strengths to become a top performer

Evolutionary development and adaptive planning

Innovations are rapidly accelerating.
The disruptive forces of digitalization result in significant changes, as new technologies are available at increasingly shorter intervals, product lifecycles are becoming shorter and established business models quickly lose validity, and new players appear on the market.
Those companies that do not keep track of these developments may not be able to successfully sustain their future.

We call companies who successfully ride the wave of change, Agile DNA Enterprises, achieving growth by being committed to Agile Business Transformation and Enterprise Value Acceleration.

As a result, adaptability and agility have become vital success attributes.
Adaptability and agility is about streamlining organizational structures, reengineering processes and IT systems, and realigning business models, thus ensuring effective and efficient digital transformation and the embedding permanent adaptability and agility in company operations.

Stay relevant in the face of disruption

A key difference between businesses that overcome disruption and those that do not is how they allocate resources, and invest in people and technology to innovate their offerings and revise their business models.

  • Identify the next industry or market to enter;

  • Anticipate the next wave in automation, digitalization, and other technology innovations

  • Decide on the technology requirements and digital advancements important to your business;

  • Capture value from the impacts of big data, analytics, digital transformation, and changing technology models;

  • Identify industry developments and trends from the world’s leading technology solution providers;

  • Gain access to tools, information and data to transform your business.


Use a structured, iterative approach, responsive to changing market conditions to get results

Take advantage of promising market opportunities quickly and effectively by embracing our Agile DNA Accelerator.

An end-to-end perspective toward Sustained Profitable Growth and value creation

Designed to help improve an organization's performance by finding new and better ways of doing things, and by instilling capabilities and expertise across your teams and throughout your company.

Functional Expertise that reinforces decision-making and minimizes risk

Reoptimize decisions as conditions change

Our research insights help improve an organization's performance by finding new and better ways of doing things.

Fact-based analysιs to help companies create actionable strategic plans that focus on value creation - business strategy, corporate finance, resource allocation, transactions, the organization and performance management.

This adds up to major time savings, increased agility and greater ROI.


Set the stage for Agile Business Transformation & Enterprise Value Acceleration

Agile DNA Business Transformation
A cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of your business

Creating an Agile DNA Enterprise requires new approaches to how we structure organizations and managing transformational change. Companies recognize how critical it is for growth, but struggle to deliver.

Device a strategy that incorporates the principles of “agile” methodology to improve flexibility, innovate faster with shorter time to market.

Empower employees to participate in the decision-making process, with greater self-driven responsibility on customer-focused and a more direct impact on business performance and strategy execution, than in a traditional company approach.

Paul Hammond, Chair of Agile Alliance and Brightline Initiative Coalition Member, shares his takeaways from Strategy@Work conference in New York.