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Access Services & Subscription Products

APU provides proprietary research, and advisory consulting focused on market trends and technologies, as to ensure our clients gain competitive advantage in their respective fields.
APU delivers valuable insight and market intelligence from our network of contributing research analysts. Provides access to high quality research reports that combine industry, country and consumer research.
Our Actionable Insights. Your Goals.
Integrated teams operate using a multidisciplinary approach that leverages subject matter experts in major business centers, across virtually every industry, to deliver tailored advice and services to you.



Information and analysis to compete successfully in a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging competitive environment. From single reports and data downloads to subscriptions to custom consultancy, we can tailor our research solutions around your needs.
Get comprehensive, quality market research & industry analysis

  • Market size & segmentation, products & pipelines

  • Demographics, Consumer data & Buyer behaviour

  • Country Reports - Historical data & projections

  • Competitor insights & profiles of key industry players

  • Growth opportunities

Access Programs

Each Access Program offers access to a selection of ongoing research and analysis delivered over a 12-month period.
Our subscriptions deliver improved decision support and insight and flexibility to adjust to changing markets and technologies. They cover a broad range of relevant and reliable market research, ensuring you and key decision makers throughout the organization have the most up-to-date insights and analysis to inform business decisions.
Our Research reports cover qualitative and quantitative analysis in terms of industry trends, market dynamics, company profiles, competitive landscape, and technology trends. Each report consists of key data and analysis on market operating conditions, business challenges, industry trends, current and historical industry growth, and competitive landscape.

Our Monitor Nexus Intelligence portfolio of subscription services provides in-depth analysis and insights.

Fact-based insights, data and analysis through a variety of channels, including written research, strategy support partnership engagement services, custom research and analysis services, research libraries, teleconferences and onsite briefings.

Business Function Roles

  • Business Development Director

  • Business Strategist

  • Business Analyst

  • Financial Analyst

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Corporate Board Member

  • Competitive Intelligence Professional

  • Corporate Advisor

  • Independent Advisor

  • Librarian

  • Research Associate

  • Industry Consultant

  • Outsourcing Project Manager

  • UX Team

  • Front Office Operations

  • Back Office Operations


Your insights to the changing business landscape


An intelligence synthesis of information (research databases from across the consulting industry, science journals, public sources and company records)

Get Informed | Get Focused | Get Insights

The Accelerated Advantage Reviews offer timely editorial commentary and reviews.

  • Provide access to insights, innovations, developments and key sectoral activities across the globe that are relevant to your business.
  • Comprehensive periodic coverage of domains, industry sectors or functions. Actionable insights and links to externally sourced information that you and your team need to know so you are always well informed.

The Accelerated Advantage Reviews are a companion resource to our Thinking Ahead Constellation e-Guides and Business Management Deep Dives.


The Thinking Ahead Constellation e-Guides are information-rich publications that offer deeper dive perspectives, encompassing the newest thinking in an industry, sector or function. Plus facts & figures.




Clients Testimonials

The quality of research and reporting was outstanding. I never thought that getting in grips with a complex market can be that comprehensible and helpful to plan our market expansion strategies.

Perry JunoProduct Development Manager, 4SC-Discovery - Swiss BioPharm

The quality of Dynamic Megatrends Editions research, level of insights, the strategy support engagement model and the responsiveness of the analyst team were commendable. It helped us to better understand adjacent markets value chain. This has enabled us to build stronger strategies throughout our planning process.

Wu LiVP of Marketing & Business Development, SunTech

An excellent research provider. I really want to thank APU Research for their efforts to make my project successful with the latest accurate research data. The analyst team consistently demonstrated an understanding of the broader challenges we were facing, which helped us enter the market.

John GoumasTechnical Director, Hochleitner Marine

The Navigating the Digital Frontier Agenda collection help us get the visibility we needed to make an investment, and was useful in formulating business strategies. The project was completed on time and we are highly satisfied with the quality of insights delivered. The team consistently demonstrated an understanding of the challenges we were facing, in entering a new market.

Ron FranklinBusiness Development & Innovation Director, Rethink Robotic Automation

I was impressed. Actionable insights and to the point reports, used for our business advantage. A prompt and professional approach. The research team handled our special requests in an impressive way, to our full satisfaction.

Jonathan HarrisDirector, General Foods - Altria

The report from the ICT Landscape Agenda Subscription, really helped us to access untapped opportunities. We very much appreciated your fact based approach and your clear and structured analysis. The project was completed on time and we are highly satisfied with the quality of insights delivered.

Timothy SelbyBusiness Innovation Director, Vestis Retail Operations

The analysts team was efficient in its delivery and very flexible and accommodating when it came to answering questions on industry trends, market dynamics, and the competitive landscape.

Samantha GreenMarketing Development Manager, Nine West

We are delighted with the outcomes of our Special Intelligence research and in particular the Digital Transformation Accelerator Agenda, that offered us an accurate forecast on the growth potential of the industry, and would be delighted to collaborate again with you in the future.

Bryan JohnsonMarket Intelligence Manager, Vertu

Reliable and vital information for emerging technologies. Outstanding insight delivered in an easily digestible format. The niche insights they shared with us were very helpful and gave us a strong base to set up our strategy, and helped us in moving our decision-making forward.

Dom ZelascoIT Director, 3-D Pharmaceuticals

The fact-based information and data uncovered in a C-SUITE Strategic Planning Study, were outstanding and extremely insightful in helping us validate a market we were considering to enter, and overall aiding future decisions for business direction.

Manoj ChaudharyCorporate Strategy Director, Key Healthcare Management

The analysts are knowledgeable and delivered quality work, and a complete view of the market globally, for all channels and product categories, that definitely helped us grow and shape our vision of the future. I will work with this firm again.

Andrew PhillipsBusiness Development Director, Oil Seed Processing

Our overall experience was satisfactory in all aspects throughout the Connected Digital Enterprise Agenda research project, including the quality and depth of primary and secondary datasets, the analysis methodologies used for the forecasts, as well as the professionalism and flexibility of the team and the ability to meet the target schedule and milestones

Alistair HopeHead of Business Development and Operations Support, Natural Resources – OGX Energy Services