Datastreams Monitor Subscription


Comprehensive Data

Actionable Insights

Search-engine & Visualization Toolset

An annual subscription service that provides clients with global data on current industry trends and future market opportunities, enabling clients develop successful product positioning strategies.
Datastreams Monitor is a search engine and visualization toolset for data that provides easy access to data, that are updated continuously and augmented with new datasets.
It simplifies how decision makers obtain data upon which to stress-test strategies for their businesses.

... Derive data to spot trends, opportunities and disruptors

As a subscriber to Datastreams Monitor, you receive:

  • Datasets from authoritative public and private sources, all in one single place that allows to evaluate and analyze market data across multiple dimensions.

  • Plus preconfigured forecasts to inform critical business decisions and and help with Investor and M&A presentations.

  • Download charts and data as needed for presentations, reports, and research.

The repository continues to grow with new content and sources selected purposefully to best meet the needs of customers.

Add Your Data to Datastreams Monitor and integrate it with all the other data in our system.

We can load your data in our repository for search, retrieval, and use alongside all the other data we have.

Data Hosting Services

APU facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of statistical data, and securely integrate your data in the Datastreams Monitor platform.

  • Datasets are physically stored in a 24-hour secure facility.

  • Data are regularly backed up to an off-site facility.

  • Export the data in xls, csv, and more.