Monitor IntelFlow Datastream Analytics Subscription


Comprehensive Data

Actionable Insights

Powerful Analytical Tools

Custom Datasets

We can create additional and more specific market data segmentation for almost all of the data available, to help with Investor and M&A presentations, as well as validate investment decisions in new products, regions, end users or applications.

An annual subscription service that provides clients with data on current industry trends and future market opportunities, enabling clients develop successful product positioning strategies.
Monitor IntelFlow Datastream Analytics is a search engine and visualization toolset for data that provides easy access to data, that are updated continuously and augmented with new datasets on industries, companies, and technologies.
It simplifies how decision makers obtain industry data upon which to stress-test strategies for their businesses.

Derive data to spot trends, opportunities and disruptors

Discover industry trends with tools to filter, analyze and visualize critical data

Create variations of analytical charts yourself

As a subscriber to a Monitor IntelFlow Datastream Analytics Subscription, you receive:

  • Datasets from authoritative public and private sources, all in one single place.

  • Actionable insights on key trends for more than 18 major industrial sectors and 200 global markets.

  • Twelve months of access to Datasets via a Business Intelligence (BI) Visualization and Analysis tool, and/or Excel workbooks, that allow to evaluate and analyze market data across multiple dimensions, as to identify growth opportunities, as well as to cut and customize data to your needs.

  • Plus preconfigured dashboards and proprietary forecasts to inform critical business decisions.

BI Visualization & Analytics

Access market data on current trends and future opportunities via a Business Intelligence (BI) Interactive Platform with access to robust analysis tools that allows you to cut and customize data to your needs in evaluating and analyzing market data across multiple dimensions in your target markets, as to identify market opportunities and develop successful product positioning strategies.

Data, analytics and forecasts

Quickly uncover hidden opportunities with comprehensive data and analytics.

Our market leading data tools provide our clients with the unique ability to identify market opportunities, predict change and grow revenues.

Versatile charting tools and other core capabilities help you quickly grasp and act on visual information.

  • Visualize in multiple formats: table, chart, map, or graphs.

  • Profile industries, geographies, topics, or points in time.

  • Share and Download data as needed for presentations, reports, and research.

Key categories

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Agriculture & Food

  • Automotive

  • Banking, Finance & Insurance

  • Chemicals and Advanced Materials

  • Construction and Real Estate

  • Consumer Goods

  • Digital Media and Entertainment

  • Education

  • Electrical, Electronics & Semiconductors

  • Energy, Natural Resources & Environment

  • Government, Politics & Smart Cities

  • Healthcare, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

  • ICT

  • Industry, Business, Commerce & Trade

  • Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Packaging & Printing

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

The repository continues to grow with new content and sources selected purposefully to best meet the needs of customers.

Easy-to-use tool allows users to search and navigate content by subject, and customize output views.

Add Your Data to Monitor IntelFlow Datastream Analytics and integrate it with all the other data in our system.

We can load your data, or your purchased datasets, into our repository for search, retrieval, and use alongside all the other data we have.

Data Hosting Services

APU facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of statistical data, and securely integrate your data in the Monitor IntelFlow Datastream Analytics platform.

  • Datasets are physically stored in a 24-hour secure facility.

  • Data are regularly backed up to an off-site facility.

  • Users can customize visualizations of the data in mapvarious formats.

  • Export the data in xls, csv, and more.

Haver Analytics has one of the most extensive offerings of forecast data covering the world's economies for the global strategy and research community. Maintains 200+ databases from over 1350 government and key third-party data partnerships.

Industry databases covering global markets as well as specialized data from consulting firms, trade associations and economic research centers.

Specialized Databases concentrating on about the economy and financial Indicators reported by governments, central banks, trade associations, and economic research centers, covering commodities, foreign exchange and economic and financial markets information.

Economic and Financial database coverage includes the advanced economies and developing world with detail for the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and other emerging markets.