Growth Dynamics | Research & Analysis Directives

Our team is ready to deliver custom research projects of all sizes.

For projects which:

  • Fall outside of the scope of traditional syndicated reports

  • Are instrumental to long-range company planning efforts

  • Involve supply-chain analysis

  • Need to identify new partners

  • Uncover market share of key competitors

  • Focus on overall market opportunity assessments

  • Need 3rd party validation and support for business planning

  • Need to identify partners and key industry players

  • Need a baseline education on the market at a high level, with specific segmentation

  • Creating specific market data support to justify internal investment in new products, regions, end users or applications



The focus is on interpreting and analyzing trends and activities in a specific market segment, and providing a strong point of view along with actionable insights.

Provides market predictions driven by robust methodologies, research, and analyst experience.

  • Optimize & Transform — assess your best opportunities for improvement and nurture your growth;

  • Validate your strategic decisions — leverage our research insights and proprietary data assets;

  • Analytics - market-leading data and actionable insights delivered by our specialist practitioners, you can make fact-based decisions;

  • Achieve exceptional results —with advice and support from our industry and solution experts.


Improve performance through actionable insights, advice and tools

We help you create a roadmap to success for your critical priorities with our industry-specific best practices.



Apply our trusted insights, guidance and solutions to fuel your competitive advantage, operate more efficiently, minimize risk, and drive results.

Best Practices Perspectives: Helps clients to assess their business strategies and apply best practices to associated business processes.

This information draws from industry studies and is repackaged for display on the Monitor IntelFlow web space.



Business executives, leaders and entrepreneurs use our reports to drive strategies in both major industries and niche markets.

  • Objective research covering every function;

  • Expert advice for your role and your critical priorities;

  • Upgrade your processes with access to practical toolkits and guides, best-practice templates, workflows and business unit diagnostics;

We offer solutions through:

  • Our team of experts in statistics, economics, econometrics and data science.

  • Our in-depth understanding of industries, consumers and economies.



  • Industry research teams are managed by an industry manager and reports on their specialist categories.

  • The specialist in-house teams bring together research from all stages of the research process, working closely with our in-country analyst network.

  • The teams assess and challenge data and exercise final editorial control over the publication of market research.


Develop better insight into industry-specific dynamics and cross-industry trends

Combining deep industry knowledge with innovative methods in statistics, economics, mathematics and data science, we help clients solve business problems and improve their decision-making.

  • Assessing category sales responsiveness to external shocks such as GDP or inflation.

  • Determining tipping points

  • Measuring the importance of category growth drivers like income, price, habit persistence and demographics.

Market Analysis & Forecasts

What are the trends behind market developments?

Our teams are building market models and developing forecasting methods, ranging from macroeconomic and demographic models with systems of behavioural equations for mid-to-long run forecasts, to data intense time series techniques aimed at short-run forecasting.

Data Analytics

Collecting, structuring and analyzing large volumes of data.

Whether it's through data-mining methods such as web crawlers or the analysis of transaction data, we help you draw the right conclusions for your company and win over customers.


Positioning & Innovation

Evaluate emerging trends, changes in the market and customer preferences to explore products of the future with our positioning and innovation research.


Market Context | Trend Analysis Forecasting & Scenario Analysis

Evaluate long-term trends, external macro factors and the broader operating environment’s impact on company performance.


Customer insights, analytics and demand reduction

  • Sentiment and NPS analysis;

  • Repeat contact and complaints analysis;

  • Customer contact /demand analytics (Text & Voice);

  • Reduction of failure demand;

  • Channel shift strategies.