Prospect Intelligence & Sales Enablement

Perform Faster and Smarter, Closing More Deals

What if you could get the best out of your sales team, by creating the experience they seek, that is faster smarter and ready to unleash their full potential?
Make your prospecting more efficient with a unique point of view.
Perform faster and smarter, closing more deals.
Shed the old ways of working and step into the future now.


Building and converting a pipeline of opportunities with the right proposition is resource intensive.
Sales operations has the potential to powerfully drive revenue and profitability gains.
And given its influence, Sales Orbit occupies a strategic position between the sales team and other functions in a company.

It taps into the sales operations strategic role to set priority objectives, identify key gaps in sales productivity, and improve sales effectiveness.

We help marketing and sales teams prioritise efforts and win business

Sales Orbit Business Development & Marketing resources are used for sales call preparation, sales and marketing presentations and pitch books.
  • For benchmarking against competitive landscape and forecasting market size.

  • For business plans, due diligence, business valuations and litigation support.

SALES ORBIT helps transform your sales and marketing effectiveness with prospect intelligence that optimizes the allocation of sales resources and streamlines your account planning, messaging and conversion rates.

Sales Orbit offers industry insights, providing sales professionals with customer intelligence to convert prospects into clients faster, by enabling the sales team to research companies and industries.

We help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, closing more deals.

Identify new areas of growth potential
  • Identify new sales and business development opportunities across sectors and regions.

  • Accelerate your growth and attain higher margins by focusing your sales activity on faster growing, more profitable segments

  • Gain trust and credibility with your prospects to win more business.

  • Deliver a profitable product strategy that meets client needs.

  • Maximise the Impact of Sales Activity using our market size and share analysis.

Identify customer trends & Refine your brand positioning
  • Refine your brand positioning and communicate more effectively with your prospects

  • Create a better sales pitch by understanding your prospects’ business better to target your proposition

  • Develop a differentiated go-to-market proposition that aligns with prospect expectations


Back up your sales calls, presentations, and outreach efforts with up-to-date industry information that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of your prospects’ and clients’ challenges and opportunities.


Empower Your Sales Teams with Intelligence

Sales Orbit encompasses the insights, processes, and methodologies that help sales teams better understand the challenges and opportunities facing their prospects and existing customers.
Uncover Sales Insights and generate growth for your business

Win business by bringing insights - industry trends, news, market analysis, financials, technologies in use- to the table, increasing the likelihood that consultative sales conversations will lead to conversions.

Keep up-to-date on developments affecting your prospects and customers

Our industry profiles offer timely industry information so you can keep up with market changes.

Track mergers and acquisitions, executive departures, and other industry developments to make timely contact.

Our user-friendly interface allows to quickly access the sales intelligence they need.



A Sales Orbit Business Development & Marketing Report provides Information on key Statistics on industry revenue growth, cost structure, profit benchmarks and major player market share.

Insights on Key Success Factors, Markets and Products, Geographic Spread, as well as how substitute goods and services impact the marketplace and details on the links in the supply chain that get the product to the customer.

It includes a conversation-starter, Q&As on industry key trends and benchmarks to create winning propositions.