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APU offers its employees challenging assignments and a world-class work environment.

Your work at APU will be dynamic and fast-paced, spanning industries, geographies and technologies.

We combine a passion for client satisfaction, innovation, deep industry expertise and business process excellence.

We believe in our people’s capabilities, as a deciding factor of the success of the organization.

We foster an open empowering workplace. An atmosphere of good employee communication, involvement and responsibility is of central importance, and an employee’s personal development and best use of talents is encouraged.

We support our people in reaching their personal and professional goals and assist them in their transition to the next phase in their work-life. We believe in enjoying the work we do, and we are committed towards the well being and growth of our employees.

We take on a mentorship approach with our people to get them to their full potential, recognise outstanding performers and design individual career paths to reach their desired ambitions.

We encourage cross-functional movement of our employees to gain diverse exposure.

Building expertise and capability in the current role through up-skilling or cross-skilling ensures an employee’s career development.

A continuous learning and leadership development culture is essential for strengthening our competencies to grow the organization.

We believe in investing in our people to keep on par with the latest technologies and business practices, and provide them a platform to excel and grow.

We take pride in our workforce, and as an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on race, religion, sex, colour, age, or physical disability, and foster ethical values amongst all our employees.