Strategy Support Research Partnership

We provide support, through our analytics and research services, to help you make business decisions based on insights.

Our Strategy Support Research Partnership provides access to dedicated teams - research analysts, domain experts, team leaders, and database mining analysts - focusing on client requirements, and offers added flexibility for customized solutions, via access to in-house quantitative analytics. In addition, clients can also seek access to our database of industry reports and company profiles.

Our strategy support virtual research teams are hired based on your research needs and the skill sets required to deliver it. Client can increase and decrease its analyst team size on the basis of their research needs. The invoicing is done only on number of hours an analyst works,

We offer flexible engagement models such as on-demand analyst, dedicated analyst, annual research project engagement, to meet all your research needs.

We provide several reporting services that include sector analysis, comparable company profiling and analyses, credit risk reports, precedent merger and acquisition transaction analyses, statistical modelling and forecasting.