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Our Customer Insights Centre of Excellence conducts quantitative and qualitative research to discover insights related to customer thinking and behaviour and translate them into actionable strategies with better outcomes.


Understanding what matters to customers and what drives their attitudes and behaviour is essential to creating competitive advantage.

The size and shape of the consumer market is fundamentally changing across 2 key dimensions:

  • The increasing expectations for fast, consistent, personalized engagement across an increasing number of channels and devices

  • The enhanced potential for brands to create new products, services, experiences, and value through proactive Customer Relationship Management and drive engagement through predictive marketing and data analytics


Brand Advocacy Index to improve customer experience and drive growth

BCG’s Brand Advocacy Index is a metric that gauges word-of-mouth recommendations to help companies in any industry understand the segments, countries, regions, and populations in which their brand is weak or strong.

Improving Customer Experience and Advocacy
The Brand Advocacy Index has been time-tested in more than 35 industries, on more than 1,000 brands and in more than 25 countries, with well over 1 million responses.
The index supports brand building and resource allocation

It allows companies to set customer experience improvement priorities, deepen relationships and build advocacy with customers to boost sales.


Decoding Digital Consumers

How should we interact with consumers?

What are consumers' digital habits?

Decoding Digital Consumers helps companies improve digital innovation, product development, commercialization, and create new sources of competitive advantage.

Targeting Millennials

Millennials’ expectations are different, and companies will need to rethink their brands, business models, and marketing initiatives to understand and embrace the characteristics and values of this generation.

The Customer Insights Centre of Excellence, explores the motivations behind this key consumer segment and help clients create and market relevant products and services that meet their expectations.

The Need for a Demand Centric Growth Approach


Demand Centric Growth Approach

Five indicators address which demand spaces to target, which products or services to offer, what the ideal integrated commercial offering is, and how to structure operations to support those efforts.