Digital Strategy & IT Advisory Services

Gain transformative insights to support decision making

Business models, organizational structures, processes and IT systems need to be realigned over time.
With changes in the business environment, the pressures have increased owing to large market shifts around R&D, higher operating costs, disparate technologies, lack of analytics insights, and increased compliance requirements.
In view of these increased market and organizational pressures, technological advances have emerged as an enabling driver to drive new revenue opportunities, efficiencies, and raise competitiveness.

Our Digital Strategy and Consulting services, help clients sustain their competitiveness by aligning strategy to operations, technology, and financial objectives.


IT Business Value research | Client-Focused and Results-Driven

Enhance your IT capabilities with insights on the technology environment to establish business context and deliver the technology the organization needs to outperform competitors.

Modernise your technology capabilities underlying your operating model

Our research insights can help your company adopt new technologies, methodologies and processes to increase business performance.

Our IT Business Value research covering all major functions in information technology services, focuses on current and anticipated trends across geographies, sectors, and locations, analyzing the impact of cloud, mobility, automation and changing user experience expectations.

Research focuses on increasing business value from the application of technology and supporting business decision making through data-driven decisions. It includes business process design, data analytics, including social media data, and knowledge management and impacts of various IT investments on business performance.

High performing companies use IT as a competitive advantage. They adopt emerging technologies and modernize their data centers to support business goals outperform those that do not.


Transform your IT function by linking the right architecture and operating model to your strategy

Research on the Information System Design, and Technology Adoption and Use, as well as the management of technology and sourcing.


Transform your IT function
by linking the right architecture to your strategy

Digital Readiness Assessment

Digitalisation is transforming business models and processes.
Assess where the business stands on digital readiness and take advantage of opportunities to transform.

Transform your IT function by linking your enterprise architecture and operating model to your strategy

Boost your productivity and enhance the product development lifecycle.

Improve operational efficiency through process automation, workflows digitization and operations integration.

Realize the full potential of IT resources, investments and assets

To compete in an increasingly digital world, as the pace of change is accelerating, companies need to organize their operations efficiently and ensure they get the most out of their IT initiatives that keep you moving forward.

According to Bain, for most IT initiatives, almost 80% of the effort is focused on technical issues such as requirements definition, technology procurement, vendor selection, system customization and system rollout, while only 20% on the related business activities of process redesign, organization design, incentive realignment and training. Yet those business activities are critical to realizing the full value of the IT initiative.
BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE | Best Practice models for business architecture in the digital world

Review all elements of the organization and its interactions: from the processes to the IT systems through to the data, and understand all connections and relationships in order to respond quickly to new challenges.

Technology Implementation Consulting

Technology implementation goes beyond just identifying the right software or technology.
A key aspect of any transition from an old system is the training of those who will be tasked with using the new technology.
Having a clear vision of what aspects of the old system needs replacing is key towards ensuring smooth implementation and transitioning.
This kind of visioning requires a thorough understanding of the different processes that run the entire business.

IT Infrastructure and Applications Managed Services

Support and optimization of your productive processes

  • Tracking the latest trends in application services – application development, modernization, testing services and ERP implementation.

  • Support for business applications and IT infrastructure: datacentre management, network infrastructure management (data, voice, video), application management and help desk support services.

Our infrastructure support services focus on the hardware and software aspect of your enterprise and include:
  • IT strategy & Architecture management;

  • Hardware and software system design and architecture;

  • Advice on choosing software | Specifications & implementation;

  • Hosted solutions Installation and configuration;

  • Program and project management;

  • Capacity planning & Performance tuning;

  • System administration.

IT Services Integration

Accelerate your enterprise digital transformation initiative with minimal cost, risk, disruption, and delay.
With service providers delivering services according to different types of agreements, and little-to-no standardization outside their basic contract parameters, ad-hoc service integration can lead to:

  • Multiple service catalogues;

  • Incompatible toolsets;

  • Project delays.


Our approach connects solutions, services and suppliers (such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, QlikView and many more) to implement integrated solutions.

Multi-sourced IT services to operate together that fully align with your business objectives.

Our Service Integration solution enables enterprises to focus on business outcomes instead of IT service management challenges.
Our end-to-end approach enables companies to increase IT effectiveness and efficiency by overseeing the integration of the following:

  • Enterprise Planning & Programs;

  • Service Management & Delivery;

  • Service Performance Management;

  • Relationship Management;

  • Contract & Compliance Optimization;

  • Governance, Risk & Planning.

Managed Services

Best Practices in IT Service Management in achieving operational excellence through the adoption of customer focused, process oriented approaches to IT service delivery.

Through our managed services program, we can allocate the right skillset and consulting resources for strategic and operational design down to integration and implementation so that your Data Architecture & Cyber Security solutions fit your business needs.

Remote IT Support

Our remote support service is driven by a preventative approach, allowing you to spend your time running a successful business. It’s designed to flag up any problems with a proactive approach to monitoring.
Should there be a problem, we’re committed to solving it fast, with minimal impact on your operation.

  • Unlimited remote support

  • Proactive monitoring and management

  • Unlimited problem-fixing on-site support.