Insights Delivery and Management Consulting

As digital shifts to embrace all facets of the value chain, empowering your people with timely insights can help make informed decisions that will transform your business.

We can help you become a digitally competent company.

Our consulting services assist you in mapping, monitoring and managing your data lifecycle.

Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Services

Information Management, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Services


Data Backed Decision Making

Improve decision-making by generating insights that aid better, faster decisions
Information is one of your most valuable business assets, and effective management and visualisation of information enable operational excellence, sustained growth and competitive advantage.

The capacity to process, store, and quickly analyze information is vital for data-driven decisions and execution.

Identify insights that deliver results

Overcome data integration and information management challenges, leverage business intelligence and data analytics and transform information into intelligence to improve decision-making.

  • Design and implement single store of all data;

  • Scalable Data Processing & Storage;

  • Data Mapping and Matching across multiple datasets;

  • Data Migration;

  • Data Integration;

  • Data management and support;

  • Data quality assurance;

  • Data Security, Privacy and Compliance;

  • Enable Self Service Analytics / BI / Discovery.

Our Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Services help clients introduce and extend BI analytics across your organization and empower more business users to make informed decisions.
  • Business Intelligence Services | Data analytics & Visual analytics;

  • Reports, Dashboards & Exploratory Data Analysis;

  • Mobile & Cloud BI Deployment;

  • Self-service BI & Analytics-as-a-service platform;

  • Predictive Analytics Model Design and Development;

  • Social Media Analytics;


Data Warehousing

Leveraging ETL tools, we build high performing data warehouses that bolster your business intelligence and analytics capabilities, improve data quality, promote scalability, ease-of-use, and access to actionable data and reliable reporting.

Data warehouse modernization

From enabling server upgrades and achieving extended data warehouse environment to replacing the existing data warehouse environment, our solutions provide the agility and flexibility required to adapt to the evolving data demands.

Data Discovery and Visualization

Extract value from information assets, detect patterns and find answers quickly as to reduce risks, meet regulatory reporting and maximize productivity.



Data Management & Data Quality Management Services

  • Data Entry Services

  • Data Mining Services

  • Data Analysis Services

  • Data Recovery Services

Realizing value from data hinges on an organization’s ability to manage data effectively. Informed business decisions begin with good quality and accurate data.

Our Data Quality Management solutions help you clean, standardize, enrich and make trusted data available across the organization, driving intelligence and better business outcomes.

Data Integration: Our data integration services employing ETL/ELT tools like MS-SSIS, Talend and Informatica, help organizations bring data from disparate sources together, enable decision making at all organizational levels.

Data and Security: We provide solutions on the security controls, to safely handle the sensitive data in your company

New business domains are being redefined by analytics

With the increasing rapidly digitalization, the volume of data available and the new big data analytics possibilities form the basis for new business models. A prerequisite for this is the development of processes, information management technology, and competences.


Translate data into intelligence and extract business insights

Today’s digital economy is powered by data, capable of generating value if used in the right way in revealing patterns, trends and associations, and deriving actionable insights in relation to human behaviour and interactions.

Leverage our business intelligence services, big data and advanced analytics across operations, processes, customer transactions and interactions

  • Optimize resources with business forecasting

  • Enhance operational efficiency and business agility

  • Reduce operational and financial risks with predictive analytics

  • Improve customer retention and profitability with trending and forecasting

Delivering business value through analytics, data science and industry expertise

Organizations extract actionable intelligence from data and find answers to their business challenges.

Leveraging big data, analytics and machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling to gain predictive insights, optimize business processes, and make better and faster decisions has grown into a top priority for organizations to foster informed decision-making and outperform competition.


Leverage the power of analytics to make your operations more efficient, and accelerate growth

Across all industries, companies are leveraging the power of analytics to solve business challenges, become more efficient, and boost growth.


Capitalize on Analytics

Discover patterns to improve decision making and better measure and manage the most critical functions of your business.


Identify specific decisions and actions that can be improved

Data-driven insights across industries are helping business leaders analyze historical data to predict future events.

Gain competitive advantage from your data with predictive modelling, customer segmentation, pricing optimization and more.


Data and Analytics has applications across industries, from providing customer profiles for retailers to improving the drug discovery process through the use of predictive modelling.

Our approach will equip your company with invaluable insights to help streamline operations, implement cost-effective solutions and optimize company resources.


Big Data Search and Visualization

We develop big data solutions using both market-leader and open source products (ElasticSearch, Lucene, Solr, and other), to help your organization leverage the power of data search and visualization for informed decision-making.

Our big data services leverage emerging technologies make the most of big data and business analytics to realize new possibilities and accelerate growth.

Compare multiple streams flowing from devices, sensors and applications to deliver live intelligence.

Leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, AWS EMR, splunk, Amazon Redshift, Cloudera and Spark, as well as Kafka, Flink, Apache Ignite, Flume Spark and Storm toolsets, we help enterprises maximize value from data lake environments, and streaming data to accelerate analytics and optimize processing of datasets in real time to improve customer experience, strengthen fraud prevention and boost brand loyalty.


Decision optimization

The financial performance of manufacturers hinges on their ability to speedily adapt to constantly changing conditions, from demand fluctuations to delivery challenges, while managing production costs efficiently.

Decision optimization technology makes it easier to optimize production planning, scheduling, inventory and supply chain logistics to meet business requirements, by factoring in constraints, to gain reliable insights.

Manufacturers ready to take the next step in improving performance and profits, focus in areas where they are already getting good results from descriptive and predictive analytics to see where process improvements could have the biggest, most immediate impact on their bottom lines, but need help turning those predictions into decisions.

Continental Tires uses a cutting-edge solution based on IBM Decision Optimization to optimize production across 20 plants, eliminate bottlenecks and enable efficient use of materials, staff and machine capacity.

FleetPride, is transforming its supply chain management to optimize warehouse locations, minimize delivery time and costs across its network.
An innovative data and analytics solution can help you:
  • Identify untapped markets and prioritize prospects.

  • Gain insight into consumers’ behaviour.

  • Find inefficiencies and improve performance.

  • Increase profit and reduce customer churn.


Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Services


Power your decision using Transformational Insights

As data from disparate sources and siloed channels in various formats continue to expand, organizations face increased challenges in managing data and extracting valuable insights.

Business Intelligence and Visual analytics Services are providing knowledge workers with timely access to the right information, decision support analytics, content management, document management and records management.

BI visual analytics | Accelerated time to intelligence

Accelerate the data-to-decision making cycle and realize the true potentials of your data. We help you achieve greater business agility by enabling decision makers to use key metrics in facilitating improved decision making and increased operational efficiency on the basis of the data from across the enterprise.

Leverage data and drive business growth

Our visual analytics and data reporting capabilities support decision-making by allowing organizations to gain visual insights from data, empowering organizations to leverage actionable intelligence through dashboards.


Leverage our access to cutting-edge tools like SAS, Cognos, Tableau, PowerBI, Pentaho, Talend, Qlik, Apache Cassandra, Amazon RedShift, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Hadoop.


Self-service BI: Our self-service BI solutions help organizations generate actionable intelligence from interactive data visualizations, graphs, charts, reports and analysis and maximize value from data and accelerate informed decisions.

BI allows decision makers to come up with best and fast decisions, improve visibility and efficiency in fine-tuning processes, as well as discover customer behaviour, identify market trends, and new business opportunities and pinpoint new revenue potentials.

Business Intelligence tools collect and process large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems (including books, journals, documents, health records, images, files, email, video, and other reliable business sources) to create reports, dashboards, and data visualization for effective decision making.

Results from the BI Survey show the types of capabilities respondents use with their BI tools.

Tasks where BI is used

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