CustomerMatch provides our clients with fact-based insights on consumer markets and understanding of their customers’ preferences and unmet needs.

These customer insights and our brand engagement research are transforming business processes and business models to better match customer expectations, as well as aid in new business and product development.

Research to Support Marketing & New Business & Product Development

Identify & Evaluate Emerging Market Opportunities

Identify, evaluate and validate new opportunities and reposition existing products/services through market intelligence.

  • Analysis of demand and gaps; the underlying trends in segments and attributes to support your marketing and promotional initiatives.

Identify Customer Trends

Identify Customer Trends and improve your marketing approach to your prospects and current clients.

With our insights into B2B and B2C you can improve your understanding of your customers, and device a profitable product strategy that meets client needs.

Refine your brand

Refine your brand positioning and communicate more effectively with your audiences.

Our insights help you fill the gap in your marketing data, like market shares including how substitute goods and services impact the marketplace, external variables that affect customer choices, industry revenue growth, and cost and profit benchmarks.

Our research can help you knowing your customers, anticipating future market trends and finding the opportunity space in which you can innovate first.

Our reports provide you with the critical market information you need to support new business and product development.


Get access to market research and analysis on key issues influencing the structure and performance of consumer markets from a buyer/supplier perspective, and the factors influencing consumer behaviour and lifestyles.

Drive more engagement, improve marketing relevance, and acquire more customers


Our research tracks consumer behaviour, attitudes, preferences and motives on key customer segments, to help you identify new and emerging consumer needs.

Our data can help you understand trends in meeting evolving consumer needs.
  • Optimize your acquisition campaigns and fix customer churn problems

  • Personalize messages for customers that share unique traits, behavioural characteristics, or needs

  • Improve cross-selling campaigns: Recommend products or services to individuals that have demonstrated interest in similar products or services


And our interpretation of consumer behaviour and recommendations can help identify opportunities for growth and devising strategies for wining consumer trust and satisfaction.