Monitor Nexus Intelligence Advisory Network

Monitor Nexus is the brand under which research analysts collaborate to provide market research, analytics and advisory.

Our research-oriented, collaborative approach to delivering the insights and analysis our customers need, is further strengthened by the Future of Work Collaborative Institute (FWCI) expertise and Monitor Intelflow, our Thought Leadership covering the Advisory Industry’s Best Practices.
This means that our customers have access to resources to help them make marketable claims that have the greatest potential to deliver sustainable success and to keep them ahead of the competition.



It is through the power of our people, led by a dedicated, knowledgeable and highly experienced executive team that we continue to create solutions that meet the needs of today and in the future.

Our growth and reward mechanisms are aligned to encourage employees to excel in their deliverables.

Putting people first

We put the needs and the voices of service users, and those providing the services, at the centre of all of our work.

  • Fair and objective – we strive to be fair and objective in our dealings with people and clients.

  • Open and accountable – we share information about the nature and outcomes of our work, and accept full responsibility for our actions.

  • Excellence and innovation – we strive for excellence in our work, and seek continuous improvement through self-evaluation and innovation.

  • Working together as a team – we engage with people providing and people using the services in developing all aspects of our work.


Our dedication to attracting, retaining, and creating pathways for people to fulfill their aspirations and find meaningful work in the new economy, is illustrated by our investment in the Excel Mindset Training Academy (EMTA), exploring new approaches to learning, development and advancement. Through EMTA, professionals advance their careers and participate in business leadership-development programs that inspire them to be their best.


Addressing the complex challenges businesses face today it has become an imperative to foster a new mindset for action.

Monitor Nexus Network Partners have access to the skills and knowledge of our partner ecosystem and the benefit of the Network’s market recognition and reputation.

  • Integrity

  • Service

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Innovation

  • Growth

  • High Market Visibility - Expand sales significantly and gain dominance in specialized niche sectors

  • Develop the highest quality content to attract and retain a web presence and audience.

  • Client Satisfaction - To achieve a high level of repeat satisfied clients

  • Be a Role Model: Listen, take ownership, adapt, learn and grow

  • Engage others: Provide direction and inspiration – All staff moving towards both professional recognition and a sustainable work/life balance

  • Successfully execute our business strategies.

Monitor Nexus Intelligence Advisory Network continues to reinforce this ecosystem cooperative structure and achieve economies of scale with Centers of Excellence, service delivery agents, managed services providers, BPO integrators and other ecosystem partnering approaches, methodologies and tools that deliver a consistent level of expertise across the value chain.

Monitor Nexus Network Partners are separate and independent firms that come together to practice under a common brand and shared methodologies, client service standards, and other professional protocols and guidelines.

Each Monitor Nexus Network Partner firm has its own competitive niche, continually evolving their operational capabilities to drive quality and productivity up and cost down. Each Partner provides services in particular geographic and functional areas and is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates.

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