ICT Landscape Agenda Subscription

Market insights and outlook, key indicators and analysis, and profiles of emerging ICT opportunities, for telecom operators, IT hardware and software vendors, and IT services providers.

  • Growth trends by geography, product, and market segments

  • Analysis and rankings | Revenue, financial, and operations indicators for fixed, mobile, and cable operators

  • Capital spending trends

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestiture activities

Strategies that ICT vendors and services companies adopt to tap into digital transformation opportunities.

Research covers demand-side, supply-side, and industry-specific research to understand the key trends and factors impacting the ICT market as it navigates the digital frontier.

Insights into ICT service provider strategies for implementing and leveraging cloud, mobility, big data analytics, social media, security, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems, software and platforms, robotics, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, and blockchain.

  • Cloud computing

  • Datacenter technologies

  • Managed, datacenter, hosting, and colocation services

  • Systems integration, application customization, and consulting services

  • Security solutions, trends and outlook

  • Software-defined networks

  • Collaboration | Unified communications, conferencing, and telepresence

  • Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, and SCM) and enterprise mobility

  • Enterprise mobility and mobile device management

  • Big data analytics

  • AI

  • IoT

  • Machine Learning

  • Cognitive computing

  • Augmented and Virtual reality

  • Blockchain

  • Robotics and drones

  • 3D printing outlook

  • Mobile money

  • Smart city solutions


Telecom and Mobile Operator Strategies and Insights


Digital Transformation of Telecommunication service offerings across consumer and enterprise markets.

Impact of emerging technologies, such as 5G, edge computing, AI and machine learning, smart home, and next-gen security) and innovative business models in mobile banking and payments, in search for revenue growth.

  • Key technology challenges for communications service providers

  • The growth of digital revenue in the telecom sector

  • Mobile service trends

  • Enterprise demand trends

  • Customer service automation

  • Customer experience

  • AI and IoT device management

  • Embedded cloud communications

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Mobile Operator Strategies

  • Analysis of the prepaid and program mobile services market

  • Consumer and enterprise mobile voice and data subscriber preferences and behaviours

  • BYOD and corporate purchase trends

  • Mobile service plans

  • Mobile content strategies

  • Best practices of global mobile operators


Decision making support for IT sourcing and vendor management professionals, for Digital Transformation portfolio managers, product marketing managers, sales professionals, procurement executives, and IT financing and leasing specialists in prioritizing investment options in technologies including: servers, storage systems, networking, and communications equipment.

Insights for IT equipment, software, and services sourcing, procurement, and vendor management professionals, related to vendor pricing, digital transformation sourcing strategy and Technology Modernization, contracting best practices for striking better deals and reducing costs.

Insights on the most important trends in a particular coverage area and rank particular products or vendors.

Clients are supported by a dedicated client relationship manager who serves as a single point of contact, acting as an extension of the client's research.

A One-Year Subscription to the ICT Landscape Agenda provides actionable advice, delivered direct to the client via teleconference, Market Opportunities Assessments and Digital Transformation Strategies, and comparative analysis and evaluation of available options.


ICT Market Opportunities & Sourcing Assessments

Anticipate Emerging Technology Trends & their Adoption

Technology assessment involves evaluating emerging technologies, assessing competitive technologies, and forecasting the potential of new emerging and disruptive technologies, news articles, patents, start-up business plans, venture capital financing, and more.

A complete and balanced picture helps you make better decisions

Sourcing Software and Services Categories
  • Innovation Management Software

  • Enterprise Asset Management Software

  • Enterprise Content Management Software

  • Enterprise Video Solutions

  • AI in Fintech Solutions

  • Internet of Things Solutions

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Solutions

  • IoT Device Management Solutions

  • IoT Engineering Services

  • Machine Learning Software

  • API Testing Software

  • Application Control Software

  • Application Modernization Services

  • Application Testing Services

  • Artificial Intelligence Platform

  • Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

  • Automotive Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence in Retail

  • Big Data Solutions

  • Risk Analytics Software

  • Biometrics as a Service

  • Bot Services

  • Data Center Colocation Services

  • Data Integration Software

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Multi-Cloud Management Platform

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Cognitive Computing & Analytics Solutions

  • Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions

  • Customer Journey Analytics Software

  • Retail Analytics Software

  • Contact Center Analytics Solutions

  • Data Quality Tools Software

  • Digital Asset Management Software

  • eGRC Software

  • Encryption Software

  • Cybersecurity Software

  • File Integrity Monitoring Software

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions

  • Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions

  • In-Memory Analytics Software

  • Mass Notification Systems Solutions

  • Messaging Security Solutions

  • Mobile Application Security Software

  • Mobile Edge Computing Software

  • Network Security Firewall Software

  • Network Traffic Analyzer Solutions

  • Network Transformation Solutions

  • Payment Security Solutions

  • Perimeter Security software

  • Predictive Analytics Software

  • Service Virtualization Software

  • Smart Governments Solutions

  • Public Safety and Security Solutions

  • Smart Grid Software

  • Smart Gas Solutions

  • Social Media Analytics Software

  • Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization Solutions

  • Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Solutions

  • Test Data Management Software

  • Text Analytics Software

  • Fleet Management Solutions

  • Traffic Management Software

  • Transportation Management System Solutions

  • Geofencing Solutions

  • Geospatial Imagery Analytics Software

  • Visualization and 3D Rendering Software

  • Web Content Management Software

  • Human Capital Management Software

  • Workspace-as-a-Service

  • Managed Services

  • Clickstream Analytics Software

  • 3D Animation Software

Content Types:

  • ICT Market Opportunities & Sourcing Assessments