Advisory Work | Consulting Capabilities

We provide a suite of consulting and research to our clients.
We offer a range of business services to support their growth aspirations and strengthen their businesses.

We develop financial models on a project or ongoing bases to support our clients streamline operations and generate cost efficiencies.

To ensure our clients adapt and grow, we offer bespoke training programmes and tailored project management solutions.



Strategic Advisory Consulting Engagements

We provide strategic advisory consulting engagements that support business planning activities at the strategic and tactical levels, scaled to fit the objectives of client projects, providing recommendations to assist clients with their objectives.

Strategic advice and analysis on key industry trends and business initiatives

Our industry analyst team consists of experienced research consultants that assist clients with the implementation of business transformation initiatives including strategic planning, operational benchmarking, business case development, financial analysis, commercial due diligence, product portfolio analysis and brand positioning, marketing strategy and sales channel optimization, new product development, customer profiling and segmentation.
Also providing analysis on emerging technology sectors, profiling technology service providers, as well as emerging growth start-ups.
Each consulting engagement - research presentations delivered both in person and remotely via teleconference- is led by an experienced lead consultant and are priced on an hourly-rate basis, ensuring predictable costs to support clients’ business priorities and budgets.


Key Use Cases

  • Insights and Analysis on Key Industry Developments
  • Market and Technology Trends
  • Market and Product Strategy Consulting (market opportunity assessment, of market drivers and barriers, business models and product/service offerings, policy and regulatory issues, technology issues.
    • Market Sizing and Forecasting (unit shipments, unit sales, active users, penetration rates, average selling prices, revenue)
    • Market entry strategy, Product Portfolio Management: market metrics, dynamics of customer demand, customer profiling and segmentation, customer retention, pricing strategy
    • Competitive Differentiation: (Competitive Landscape Assessment - key industry players and product offerings, competitor profiling, and pricing, assessments of relative strengths and weaknesses, technology assessment, supply chain and value chain analysis)
  • Sales and Marketing Campaign Support: brand positioning, communications strategy, media and public relations planning

    • Consumer and Business User Surveys (attitudes, behaviour, motivations and usage patterns of existing and prospective customers. Brand/ product awareness and perceptions and satisfaction. Voice of customer studies)
    • Sales enablement initiatives and training support
    • Support for client marketing initiatives

We provide strategic planning services in identifying and assessing areas of intervention, and supporting investments in industrial value chains, as well as developing comprehensive strategies and budgets with best-practice standards and knowledge transfer across sectors.

We measure business performance, redesign business processes and redefine cost allocation models to improve companies’ daily operations across different industries.

We advise and co-manage transformation programs, dealing with setup, scoping, business and system integration, vendor management , and independent quality assurance, as to ensure cooperation so that synergies can be exploited, knowledge shared and impact maximized.

We have demonstrated experience in the areas of:

  • Business Management Consulting

  • Strategic planning and risk management;

  • HR |Organizational development and Change Management;

  • Operations Management and Sales & Marketing;

  • IT Development & Integration and Digital transformation capabilities;

  • Social Research, Assessments, and Evaluations, including socio-economic development, education, and value-chain development;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Investment;

  • Project Management | Outsourcing Engagements and other Strategy support and Business services


Digital Transformation Capabilities

Our digital transformation capabilities help clients achieve lasting improvements and better outcomes, by using new digital technologies and innovative ways of doing business, adopt new ways of working or discover how the latest technology can enable smarter programme delivery. It also creates a more agile and responsive organization, and influences organizational success.

We redefine customer experience, products and distribution models in digital world. We provide the following services to help create leaner, more agile organizations, including the right architecture, software, hardware, cyber resilience, business model and culture, while reducing the cost of doing business, enhance customer service, and attract and retain talented people by giving them access to the latest technology.

In a value chain perspective that helps business leaders and policy makers to understand trends at the technology-generation and exploitation stages, and how industrial value chains are reconfigured through digitalization.

We work with a broad network of experts in the fields of socio-economic, education, legal, and cultural development and share expertise and resources on institutional and individual levels to offer optimized services in the design, planning, management, implementation, and reporting of projects, programmes, and initiatives, plus sustainable and effective social responsibility projects, practices and action plans.


Service lines | Business Functional areas

We address seven major Business Functional areas: Strategy, Technology, Financial & risk management, Operations, Sales & marketing, People & change, and other strategy support and business services.
STRATEGY: these activities support organizations in analysing and redefining their strategies, improving their business operations and optimizing their corporate and business planning, business modelling, market analysis and strategy development. It also includes governance of major organization redesigns, including company-wide transformation/restructuring programmes and strategic advisory in financial transactions (M&A, IPO, etc.).
TECHNOLOGY: these activities support organizations in evaluating their IT strategies with the objective of aligning technology with business processes. These services include strategic support for decisions related to the planning and implementation of new technologies for business applications, including IT Network & Security and Data Centre architecture.
FINANCIAL AND RISK MANAGEMENT: these activities support organizations in analysing and redefining their planning, budgeting and performance management models and improving their capabilities in measuring and optimising enterprise risks (credit, market, operational, environmental, quality, etc.). They also support addressing regulatory requirements and developing compliance management.
OPERATIONS: these activities are related to the integration of business solutions through Business Process Re-engineering (BPR); customer/supplier relations management (CRM); turnaround/cost reduction, purchasing & supply chain management, including manufacturing, research and development (R&D), product development and logistics.
SALES AND MARKETING: these activities aim to evaluate and redesign Sales & Marketing activities in terms of customer insight and relationship management, sales and channel management, product portfolio management and branding, and digital marketing.
PEOPLE AND CHANGE: these activities support organizations in dealing with the effects that change has on the human element of the organization (Change Management), which also includes Human Resources (HR) Consulting, targeting the improvement of the ‘people’ element of an organization through HR strategies, performance measurement, benefits, compensations and retirement schemes, talent development programmes and executive coaching.
OTHER SERVICES: these activities include a variety of strategy support and business complementary services to projects, such as training, market studies, outplacement, executive selection and recruitment.

Key segments of economic activity

The Manufacturing Sector

The Manufacturing Sector includes all the Consumer and Industrial Products, namely Automotive; Consumer Products; High Tech Products; Machinery; Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Biotech; Other Manufacturing Industries.

The Service Sector

The Service Sector includes Financial Services(Banking & Financial Services; Insurance), Energy & Utilities (Oil & Gas; Chemicals & Petrochemicals; Utilities), Telecoms & Media (Communication; Media & Entertainment; Telecommunications; Publishing) and Other Services (Retail; Travel & Leisure; Private Healthcare; Software & Computer Services; Business Services).