Working with Big Data

Big Data Analytics is the convergence of two disciplines — big data (transactions, orders, process steps taken, images) and market research and analytical disciplines to understand the key drivers of some observed behaviour.

It entails combining consumer data, behavioural data, attitudinal data and predictive analytics to aid better and faster decisions that yield superior business results, by discovering the root causes of changing patterns and responding faster than your competitors.


Unlock value by embedding data analytics into your operations, interactions, transactions and processes

Combining industry knowledge with innovative methods in statistics, economics, mathematics and data science, we help clients improve their decision-making with insights beyond the scope of traditional market research techniques.

  • Assessing sales responsiveness to external economic factors and growth drivers like income, price and demographics

  • Determining tipping points

  • Quantifying future scenarios


Leverage data analysis solutions, machine learning techniques, statistical modelling and predictive analytics to enable proactive decisions in exploring new business opportunities.

Leverage intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, predictive modelling, behavioural modelling to strengthen informed decision making across supply chain, customer, sales, and risk, finance and workforce domains.

We help organizations take advantage of analytics to drive:

  • Operational efficiency

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Demand forecasting

  • Price optimization

  • Marketing mix optimization | Personalized offers

Product recommendations | Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Customer service improvement

  • Fraud detection and protection

Turn data into opportunities


Data Collection, Analysis & Validation

A broad range of approaches and proprietary tools to derive actionable insights.

With the advancement of information & communication technology, we design surveys and gather data on faster, simpler and economical way.

Our survey team delivers powerful insights to help you better understand current consumer preferences, identify emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and product development opportunities in markets around the world.
Qualitative methods
We study the motives, expectations and attitudes of your potential customers through online interviews and group discussions, and validate market data and developments.

Quantitative methods
Online survey
CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviews are fast and accurate online surveys which offer a research-economical study approach
Telephone survey
CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews to expand the audience of surveys
Face-2-Face interview
CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews reach demanding target groups (such as doctors) reliably in face-to-face interviews
Cluster analysis
We explore, segment and describe your target groups on the basis of socio-demographic and other relevant characteristics
Conjoint analysis
Optimize your product range and find out how your product should be designed and priced
Factor analysis
Reveal essential factors and properties for the findings
Correlation analysis
Recognize and identify connections! We analyze the relationship between features and open up new perspectives
Regression analysis
Simple, multiple, linear or non-linear regression, we will examine the nature of the relationship between variables in a model
Driver analysis
Identify factors that drive your product and your business to long-term success

Online Data Collection Tools
  • Nebu

  • Sawtooth

  • Kinesis

  • Confirmit

  • Qualtrics

  • many more

Offline Data Collection Tools

  • Face to Face Interviews

  • Personal Interviews

  • Direct Mail surveys

  • Inventory studies

  • CATI

  • CAPI

  • CAWI

  • PAPI

  • Focussed Group Discussions (FGD)

  • Mystery Shopping

Social media Analytics drive effective digital marketing campaigns
We help clients to better perceive and interact with their brand and enhance their marketing communications.

Social media analytics helps to:

  • Optimise content to gain maximum traction

  • Monitor brand image

  • Identify influential trends


Data Analysis

Data analysis comprises of cleaning, transforming and modelling data with statistical tools, such as Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, F and T Test, Correlations, Frequent Analysis.


Data Mining Services

Our team can handle data sets of any volume and size, using tools and processes - association, regression, clustering.

  • Capturing and Interpretation of Data

  • Market Trend Monitoring

  • eCommerce Data Mining | Products & Prices

  • Web Data & Social Media Data Mining

  • Multimedia, Image Data and Text Data Mining

  • News Stories Extraction

  • Service, Product and Brand Feedback Search


Data Processing, Cleansing & Validation

Our data processing solutions make sure that the data you use is relevant, accurate, up to date and not misleading.

We will audit your data, get rid of the errors and make sure it is insightful for analysis.

Data quality is assessed to reduce errors and assure its effectiveness. This is one of the initial steps of analysis with tools such as mean, standard deviation, median, associations and normality, followed by Analysis of Missing Observations and Analysis of Homogeneity to assess the consistency of the data as a whole.

  • Removing inaccurate records and duplications

  • Consolidating data feeds into one unique record

  • Validating data by cross-checking for changes as to eliminate overlap


Data Match

Our multi-sourced data bank and proprietary matching algorithms deliver the highest-possible match rates across a holistic range of dimensions.

  • Market Indicators & Sentiment

  • New Movers | Competitors

  • Demographics | Purchase Propensities

  • Lifestyles \ Shopping Behaviours | Purchase Triggers