Accelerate Growth

When considering launching a new product you must first determine if there’s room in the market.

Methods of Determining Market Potential and building brand share:

  • Market Sizing Analysis

  • Product Concept Testing

  • Customer/Prospect Segmentation & Profiling

  • Price Sensitivity Analysis

  • Message Testing

  • Predictive Modelling

Whether a new product is being introduced in a market, or a new market is being explored, market research is required:

  • Sector Competitive Analysis

  • Financial Market Research

  • SWOT analysis

  • Portfolio analysis

  • Product and Service Types

  • Supply Chain

  • Value Chain

  • Distribution Landscape

  • End Users

  • Upcoming Trends and Growth Markets

  • New Market Opportunities | Unmet Needs Analysis

  • Porters Five Forces

  • Blue Sky Thinking

  • BCG Matrix

  • Life cycle Analysis

Market Sizing & Segmentation by:

  • Geography

  • Customer Segment

  • Distribution Channel

  • End User Market

  • Competition Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Distributor Analysis

  • Business Partner Search & Due Diligence

  • Product pricing, benchmarking and analysis

Market Assessment | Market Entry


Provides an in-depth examination of the dynamics and future of a single market or a group of related markets.

  • Analysis of the potential of a proposed product, service, solution or investment.

  • Understand the overall market dynamics with respect to the existing opportunities and challenges.

Study scope:

  • Evaluating market dynamics, by technology and application for product development in both, existing and adjacent markets;

  • Current and anticipated market competition;

  • Insights on adoption trends, future growth prospects for target end-use.

New Product Development

  • Opportunity assessment.

  • Identifying unmet customer needs and new product ideas with market potential.

Pricing Analysis

Assessing product prices and validating demand sensitivity, affordability and potential for volume discounts and rebates on different product categories.


Market Scanning and Monitoring

Our analysts monitor and scan the market for changes that can significantly impact your business growth.

Backed by data analysis and expert advice, our reports help you make informed decisions and develop a robust and effective business model for your brand.

Forecasting And Growth Analysis

In times of ever-increasing economic complexity, it has become difficult to s track fluctuating market trends and analyze their impact now and in the future, and make crucial business decisions to minimize your risks.