Business Optimization & Sourcing Advisory

Supply Chain Management Efficiencies | Capabilities Sourcing

The globalization of markets for goods and services offers opportunities for improving margins along a company’s supply chain, as well as boosting efficiency and gaining competitive advantage by focusing on core business. Optimize delivery, decrease expenses, and be strategically focused.

  • Suppliers catalogs management

  • Contract price management

  • Ordering products and services requisitions management

  • Purchase orders processing and services invoices processing

Make strategic location decisions

We assist companies on a wide spectrum of location strategy issues:

  • Short-listing and due diligence for a particular process/function

  • Skills availability, scalability and arbitrage opportunities

  • Portfolio optimization

Supporting your outsourcing strategy technology adoption and leverage, process optimization, next-generation sourcing and delivery models.

Optimizing Business Processes

  • Discover how companies cut costs, automate workflows, accelerate time to market, formulate unique selling propositions and grow their business.

  • Evaluate your Business Process Management (BPM) objectives within a wider strategic context by factoring in your customers’ quality, price, service and other requirements.

  • Rethink what work gets done, how and by whom -from sales & marketing to customer service, supply chain and R&D.

Transform your operating model to streamline work processes, speed digital adoption and unlock savings

Free up time so your people can focus their skills and energy on serving customers and doing work that matters most to your strategy, and do it more efficiently by standardizing work processes, and focusing employees on what they do best.

Business Process Outsourcing

Designing a model for delivering services can be challenging.

What is the right mix of sourcing models, locations, technology, and other considerations for optimization and risk reduction?

Our insights assess market trends and track service provider capabilities, and solution characteristics across specific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscapes, outsourcing relationships and shared services.



With the popularity of business process outsourcing (BPO), HR practitioners are leveraging partner managed cloud services, and turning over administrative tasks to third parties to improve process efficiencies - from payroll, tax, legal, and regulatory compliance matters to strengthening recruiting and performance management processes that better align employees to corporate business goals.

Procurement Services

Selecting the right services or goods for outsourcing is critical to a project’s success.
Research reveals that most failures in Outsourcing Program and Project Management are due to internal misalignment such as:

  • Insufficient stakeholder engagement and communication

  • Unrealistic scheduling and resource planning

  • Unspecified / unclear business value

Properly planned and implemented, outsourcing can boost sales, cut costs, accelerate time to market, and free up resources.

We offer outsourcing implementation support including:
  • Specify outsourcing objectives | Service and process specification

  • Develop a business case | Analyze cost and benefits of make versus buy decision

  • Align program and project deliverables with overall business goals

  • Organizational and IT requirements/impact analysis

  • Development of a sourcing strategy

  • Request for information, proposal, quotation

  • Supplier screening | Carry out due diligence to select providers

  • Draft a project plan | Project and change management

  • Identify stakeholders, develop communication strategy

  • Assign responsibilities, assure quality

  • Negotiate service levels

  • Improving service level management metrics

  • Optimize procurement

  • Optimize project work within programs

  • Train staff on new processes and applications

  • Plan disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Coordinate regulatory, tax and other implementation tasks

  • Implement a monitoring and control system

  • Manage change

Service Level Management

Service level management (SLM) aids the outsourcing of key operational processes.
Service Level Management: negotiating metrics, monitoring compliance with them and realigning contracts with contract law and legislative considerations.
Our consulting and support portfolio covers the entire outsourcing process – from contract initiation to organizational and technical implementation to improving service catalogues and SLAs.