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Getting transformation right in today's competitive world is critical, and one key factor is the ability to build capabilities as to accelerate strategy execution, while navigating safely the next evolutionary phase in business.

Align people to strategy and develop the capabilities they need to succeed
Create the alignment, mindset, and capabilities needed to execute a growth strategy.

Identify key profitability drivers and industry dynamics

Our Capabilities Deep Dives focus on a wide variety of industry topics and business functions, ranging from strategy alignment to innovation capability building, business acumen, leadership, sales, technology advancements and regulatory reforms.

Gain a deep understanding of industry fundamentals, trends, evolving business models, Go-to-market value propositions and key challenges.


Insufficient business acumen significantly limits an organization’s ability to realize strategic goals.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, “Skills Mismatch”

Accelerating global strategy execution

A global survey of over two hundred executives, senior leaders and managers conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, "Cracking the Code" reveals the critical enablers of effective strategy execution: Mindset, Alignment and Capability drive exceptional execution and deliver business outcomes that outperform competitors.

... The Economist Intelligence Unit, "Cracking the Code"


Our Project Simulation Deep Dives mirror the wide variety of challenges and opportunities around what's next in digital, focusing on key areas of digital transformation: Digital Health, Finance & Payments, Retail & e-Commerce, Emerging Tech, Digital Media, Transportation & Logistics, Mobility, Manufacturing, and more.

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The research also reveals that organizations find it difficult to drive buy-in of strategic direction below the highest levels of management, and that top-performing companies attain buy-in at all levels of the organization though collaboration:

  • Concerted efforts to make new strategies personal directly impact company performance
  • Top performing companies acknowledge and reward exemplary performance and are more likely to encourage constructive criticism and negative feedback
... The Economist Intelligence Unit, "Mindsets"

There is a clear correlation between collaboration and business success, particularly in regards to revenue growth and market-share leadership.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, “Fostering Collaboration”

Deep Dives by providing a broad enterprise perspective, help build strategic alignment, enhance business acumen and strategy execution skills when faced with one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Accelerating innovation and strategy execution
  • Implementing a new strategy or a culture change initiative
  • Aligning the actions of leaders to corporate objectives
  • Driving alignment for new roles as people transition from new manager, to senior manager or business division leader
  • Facilitating group goal setting and plan development
  • Improving financial acumen for accelerated growth
  • Identifying and meeting the needs of existing or prospective clients

Future-proof your sales and marketing strategy through evaluation of market dynamics

Deep Dives enable the sales function develop a client-centric approach for account planning and execution, by helping them better understand their customers' business. Deep Dives can give brand and portfolio teams the confidence to update their strategic direction to enter a new market or in launching a product and inform on-going commercialization.

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