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...Economy & Business Outlook Monitor

Global, regional and country-specific analyses covering government, economy, finance and the business environment.
  • Economic Analysis - Private Sector Challenges and a focus on the key drivers of economic growth

  • Investment Environment

  • Political Risk Analysis

  • Macroeconomic Forecasts

...World Economic Outlook and Global Growth Prospects

  • Economic activity and Prospects for global macroeconomic development

  • Investment conditions and Progress towards sustainable development

  • Uncertainties and risks

Content Type:

  • Global Macro Developed Economies Briefing | US, Japan, the Eurozone, China, Australia & New Zealand

  • Global Emerging Economies Briefing | Emerging Europe, Emerging Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa


...Global Business & Economy Insights | Investment DealFlow Tracker

Understand key issues influencing the country and business landscape
Research , data and analysis on national economic performance and market sizes
  • National economic performance: macroeconomic, demographic, social, financial and political issues, Trade and Finance

  • Business Environment: Regulatory issues; Tax environment, Labour market; Skill sets, marketing strategies and industry trends

  • Business and technology, Physical infrastructure & Emerging Technology trends

  • Infrastructure and Environment; Energy, Natural Resources, and Recycling

Government & Public Sector Services
  • Society & Cities | Work & Life

  • Household Profiles; Income and Expenditure by income level; Consumer Expenditure; Consumer Prices; Economic & Population statistics - Life expectancy; Migration; Urbanisation

  • Government, Health and Education

  • Defense & Security

Acquisitions, disposals, and strategic partnerships
  • Deal drivers and challenges

  • Deal flows

  • Spotlight on sectors

...Country Analysis Profiles

Our Country Analysis Profiles source key market data to deliver perspective of the business landscape in 6 continents and over 60 countries.

Understand individual countries and the industries operating within them

Each profile contain analysis of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental key influences and research on the business environment and potential for development along with market and industry analysis and forecasts for growth and expansion.
Country Profiles are reviewed and updated on a regular basis with newly released government figures, data points, trade stats, trends and analysis to bring you the very latest country facts and figures.

...Operational Country Risk Reports

  • Understand and anticipate the political, economic, business environment and operational risks to your company

  • Get the long-term political outlook and explore possible scenarios for change

Reports cover 4 key areas: Labour Market Risk, Economic Openness / Trade and Investment Risk, Infrastructure Support and Security Risk.

Understand the capabilities of the workforce. Evaluate the basic skill set of the workforce, literacy and numeracy rates, and the quality of the primary educational infrastructure, with a particular focus on engineering, science, mathematics and technological graduates.

Labour Costs: regulations governing labour, minimum wages, annual leave, severance pay, payroll taxes, , and foreign worker visas, as well as unionisation and strike activity risks.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s supply chain and utilities infrastructure and how this would support or challenge your operations.

Discover how the country facilitates Trade and Investment - insights into FDI flows, key investment opportunities in specific sectors, trade flows, key import and export markets, government intervention, taxation, and the development of the legal system in terms of enforceability of contracts, and intellectual property protection rights.

Gain insight on security threats to your staff and business operations in the country. And on the likelihood for the emergence of a regional conflict, based on its existing and anticipated disputes.


... Monitor Select Research Collection

Our research team has selected the most informative and valuable reports


Intelligence Tailored to your functional role

Market research and analysis on every major functional area across every type and size of enterprise.

  • Human Resources

  • Finance & Payments

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Customer Service & Support

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications

  • Information Technology

  • Product and R&D

  • Strategy

  • Supply Chain

IN EVERY MARKET SECTOR: such as business services, life sciences and healthcare, education, consumer goods, food & beverage, heavy industry, manufacturing, retail, technology & media, telecommunications & IT and more.

Content Type:

  • Business Functional Areas Solution Briefs


Research Themes Series

  • The Accelerated Growth Series

  • The Future Dynamics Series

  • The Future World of Work Series

  • Building a Future-Proof Business Series

  • The Evolving New World Series

  • The Next Horizon Series

  • The Reinvention of Business Series

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  • Research Themes Series Collection