Infuse Life into your Business Future and agree on the most important actions needed to get there

  • Future-proof your business decisions;

  • Validate your strategic priorities;

  • Reenergise a Transformation Initiative.

Deliver Optimal Returns & Ensure Sustainable Growth

  • Prioritize market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition;

  • Discover unmet needs and untapped new product development opportunities by analysing economic, socioeconomic and demographic data, lifestyle trends, income and expenditure patterns.

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis

Synthesize key insights.

  • Identify key macroeconomic and industrial factors that could impact your operating environment;

  • Understand the business landscape in countries around the world.

Ride the wave of change

  • Address your challenges in an ever-changing market;

  • Reoptimize decisions as conditions change;

  • Make informed decisions on where to play and how to win as digital reshapes your industry.

... Market Research & Analysis Solutions

Comprehensive Research

We produce quantitative and qualitative reports, ranging from strategic reports, industry reports, sector reports, trend trackers, and country profiles.

  • All-inclusive insights

  • Insights into global trends and the key dynamics across sectors, including leading companies, new entrants and key suppliers.

  • Holistic understanding of the latest market trends

  • Reports that assess market vertical or territory or a key sector technology. Reports that appraise market opportunities with, and address the competitive landscape, value chain drivers, barriers and technologies.

We offer access to critical business information, a wide range of industry data reports that track industry trends and an increasing array of workflow tools, primarily via our Accelerated Performance Advantage online delivery research marketplace, and through our subscription-based Strategic Planning Program (SPP), which includes industry reports and advisory services.

Market research and analysis on a wide range of industrial markets, consumer goods and services

Our subscription solutions help you:

Spot & Seize Emerging Market Opportunities

Deep dive into a potential or existing client’s business issues, and make more informed business decisions in less time.

  • Increase your market share;

  • Build realistic and credible business plans;

  • Evaluate and Decrease your time to market.


Identify & Exploit Customer Trends

Get access to an objective business perspective with updated industry statistics and industry news, and distinguish your firm from the competition.

  • Identify sales channels and distribution alternatives;

  • Reduce your risks and avoid costly mistakes.

Streamline Decision-making

When you subscribe to APU Research, you get unlimited access to extensive market analysis on more than 50 industry segments.

  • Deploy resources for maximum return;

  • Assess your competition;

  • Build intelligence on prospective partners.