Cloud Enablement & Management

Increasing storage needs and backup reliability are growing challenges for the organizations. Having data, applications on-premise increases operational cost, and reduces IT efficiency. Cloud computing enables companies to react to changing circumstances and innovate faster.

The IT market shifts to the cloud

Cloud services are fast, flexible, and highly scalable. Cloud solutions can be effortlessly scaled, which optimally supports expansion.
Cloud-based self-services are also playing a key role in creating an excellent employee experience.

Cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, private, and hybrid) accounted for 9.5% of a global ICT market that was worth US trillion in 2017, according to GlobalData. Whilst the global ICT market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% over the next five years, cloud computing revenues, which passed US3 billion in 2017, are growing at 18%.

Clouds enable the provision of infrastructure, platform, and application services with via a combination of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, beyond company boundaries. The type of services provided via the cloud ranges from:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that allows companies to share computing power and to store data for convenient retrieval;

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows dispersed teams to work together on projects. And Software as a Service (SaaS) allows access to using applications irrespective of the location and device;

  • The choice of the appropriate deployment model ranges from: Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

Managed Cloud Services

Our Cloud Service includes assessing, designing, building and managing an agile, flexible IT environment in partnership with our Cloud ecosystem partners.

We securely store your data in state-of-the-art data centres, and guarantee the agreed service level agreements with transparent and flexible pricing and potential savings in the digital transformation of your business.

Enhance agility, process efficiency and operational growth
We help organizations to move their applications to cloud with minimum risk and downtime. We handle all administration tasks like database backup, software upgrades, and maintenance.

From infrastructure as a service to software as a service, we specialise in a full range of managed cloud services.

Infrastructure Cloud: With infrastructure as a service, we host your server landscape in our infrastructure cloud that can be accessed via secure connections.

Reduce your IT costs
  • A single SLA and contract for network and infrastructure;

  • World-class infrastructures: Cisco, EMC, HP, Microsoft, NetApp & VMware;

  • Managed Cloud services include monitoring and regular backups and security as standard.

Backup and recovery: When you choose cloud for data storage the responsibility of your information also lies with us as your service provider, being responsible for securing data and meeting legal and compliance requirements.
The cloud also provides more flexibility in the sense that you can enjoy large storage and on-demand backups.
Recovery is also performed faster in the cloud because the data is stored over a network of physical servers rather than at one on-site data centre.


Your own cloud-based infrastructure.

An enterprise-class virtualised platform, over which your organization can run all its IT, including network, storage, computing, security and applications.
This platform provides a 'private cloud' infrastructure in our data centre, harmonising fragmented architectures into one, with a simplified management view, leaving your IT team free to focus on innovations and applications to drive your business forward.
Our experts can supply, install, configure, integrate and maintain the solution,


  • Owned by you;

  • Managed by you or us;

  • Vblock, Flexpod, VSPEX, HP;

  • Plus offering a range of flexible productivity tools.

Managed As-a-Service Compute

A fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for core IT infrastructure, whilst offering a range of flexible service offerings to match specific needs.
We provide applications and services onto the platform as part of your overall data centre strategy and transformation. We manage and support the platform, up to and including the operating system, leaving your business to focus on managing your applications.
This new-generation solution can be integrated with your own environments and with third party solutions.
Our experts can work with you to design and configure the integration of security, DNS, load balancing and back-up services.


  • Owned by you;

  • Managed by you or us;

  • Plus offering a range of flexible productivity tools.

Cloud Flex Compute

Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own cloud service.
Through a self-service portal, you get the tools, resources and expertise to put in place perfectly tailored cloud solution and to conveniently set up the infrastructure that suits your business.
This is a service that can scale quickly and efficiently. Automated delivery lets you launch new services, with the highest levels of choice, flexibility and control.


  • Owned by us;

  • Managed by us up to and including operating system;

  • Self-service via a portal.