Backup & Disaster Recovery

When you choose cloud for data storage the responsibility of your information also lies with us as your service provider, being responsible for securing data and meeting legal and compliance requirements.
The cloud also provides more flexibility in the sense that you can enjoy large storage and on-demand backups.
Recovery is also performed faster in the cloud because the data is stored over a network of physical servers rather than at one on-site data centre.

Your business is always protected against the unexpected

Backup and Disaster Recovery service is based on server imaging that takes regular snapshots of your entire server system every few hours.

  • Data backup and file restore;

  • Off-site storage of backup in a data store;

  • Rapid server recovery to minimise downtime in the event of a disaster.

In the event of a server failure we restore your latest backup to a standby server, so you can continue to work while your own server is being repaired or replaced.

Cloud Hosted backup | Back up vital data safely, securely and accessibly

Cloud Hosted backup means backing up data off the premises, in the cloud, involving sending a copy of your data to an off-site server, for a managed service provider to keep safe, saving you time, and preventing damage to your brand. Cloud backup can either replace or support on-premises backups.

Backing everything up the traditional way, using external hard drives and tapes takes time and effort. On top, your backup hardware can be corrupted through human error, fires, floods and theft.

With Cloud Hosted Backup everything can be securely recovered.
And backing things up this way eliminates the problems you can get with tape backup, which can be expensive, vulnerable and slow to recover data from.

Cloud Hosted backup involves remote, online or managed backup services, giving users a reliable and comprehensive system for backing up, storing and recovering digital files.

It means all your vital data is backed up away from your premises. Your backups are safe and readily available to put things back exactly the way they were before the incident.

When you back your information up in the cloud, it’s safe, ready to be used to restore your website, systems and databases if something goes wrong.

You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud Hosted backup | Protecting your data effectively and efficiently

An additional way to keep your business data secure, accessible through the internet and safe from physical harm. Coupled with regular on-site backups, it means you can readily rebuild your business if a disaster happens.

Your backup is fully automated and happens overnight.

Because it is a cloud backup stored in highly secure and resilient data centres, when you need to recover your data you can do so from anywhere, any time. And because it is supported and managed by us, your backup is secure.

Online backup has many advantages over traditional backup:
  • Automatic;

  • Secure;

  • Offsite;

  • Global access;

  • Secure;

  • No capital cost.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential part of your backup toolkit.

IT Business & Service Continuity

IT business continuity delivers the resilience you need to keep your key services available no matter what happens.

IT service continuity is the planning and management processes and procedures put in place to recover IT services and to quickly restore business continuity if there’s a serious incident. It’s also about taking proactive measures to cut the risk of disasters in the first place.

VServ | Virtual Server Rapid Recovery

Reliable backup technologies and rapid server recovery are essential for business continuity, your brand’s reputation and future business success.

VServ Recovery means linking your own server, protected by an online backup service, to a standby restore-ready server in the cloud, to quickly restore data and essential applications after a server failure.

Cloud File Sync | Secure and managed cloud-based file sharing

Enterprise-level control and management of your files and folders

Cloud File Sync enables you to manage your cloud-based data, working online and offline.

Multi-site synchronisation, Data protection, File Sync and Share

Enables users to access and share their documents and collaborate between offices and between countries from any device and at any time.