Accelerate your Platform adoption

Educating users is a critical component in achieving your strategic objectives. We are dedicated to providing long-term commitment to ongoing user success.


User Adoption Services help you do the following to develop your employees' competencies:

  • Assess training requirements

  • Prepare users and managers to effectively and efficiently execute daily activities

  • Prepare support teams to help all users

  • Validate acquired knowledge and skills

Project Team Technical and Functional Training

User Adoption Services also provides training for leaders and managers who will play a crucial role in the definition and user-acceptance phases

Business Alignment

... User Adoption Services help you achieve the following:

  • Align senior management around clear project objectives

  • Define business and performance metrics

  • Develop an activation plan for performance, training, communication, and reinforcement strategies

  • Manage and overcome resistance

Performance Tracking and Measurement

... User Adoption Services help you track performance:

  • Translate the company strategy into measurable and achievable objectives for each department and job role

  • Define leading and lagging key performance indicators that enable measurement of strategic objectives

  • Optimize and review management processes to measure performance


... The biggest challenge is obtaining sustainable results and integrating long-term changes into your organization. Different types of support focusing on enabling users to integrate learning in their daily routines are available with User Adoption Services to do the following:

  • Develop and execute support (such as onsite assistance, help desks, coaching, and communication)

  • Create and deliver reinforcement communication messages

Platform Adoption Services Pricing

Platform Adoption Services are engagements delivered in connection with APU Products. A Platform Adoption Services may be comprised of any combination of the person day types specified below. A “person day” is defined as one person working for up to 8 hours per day.

Training Needs Analysis


Analyze your end user training requirements, consisting of data gathering through interviews with subject matter experts, key users and end users, to derive the scope, approach and methodology for the design, development and delivery of a train-the-trainer or an end-user training curriculum.

Change Communications


Assist with the planning and preparation of a communication plan with the preparation of change communication campaigns, including deliverables such as presentations, newsletters, and media.

Billable Project Management


Project management services to manage the day-to-day activities of the user training project, including agreed upon project planning, resource planning, first line communication with your project team.

Curriculum Development


Assist with the planning and preparation of a train-the-trainer or an end-user training curriculum and related training materials based upon APU’s pre-existing custom courseware or toolkits proprietary training materials that addresses the specifications for use in providing the training services for your end-users. Training shall be tailored to focus on your business roles and your business processes.

Advanced Curriculum Development


Assist with the planning and preparation of a train-the-trainer or an end-user training curriculum and related training materials. The training curriculum and training materials will be developed with focus on your business roles and your business processes.

Advanced Training Delivery


Prepare and deliver custom training curriculum for up to twelve (12) of your trainers or key users through train-the-trainer events, or up to twelve (12) of your end users through end user training events., to assist users with incorporating the knowledge and skills which they have acquired during training into their daily routines.
This service may only be purchased together with Advanced Curriculum Development and not as a standalone service.